Today’s crop of motorcycles are designed and manufactured utilizing the latest technologies and the best materials currently available. This translates to greater power, safety and efficiency. Furthermore, all these advances make it easier for motorcycle owners to keep their precious rides in good condition for a long time.

True, you may still have to replace a few parts every now and then, but motorcycle maintenance has become pretty straightforward. This is definitely good news if you have found a “keeper” or if you want to pass your motorbike on as some sort of family heirloom to your children someday.

Here are 5 tips to keep your motorcycle running forever:

1. Follow the recommended maintenance schedule

Motorcycle-Winter-Storage-Tips-Heated-Motorcycle-StorageToday, motorcycle owners can find a wealth of information, especially in forums and blogs found online. On top of that, your fellow motorcycle owners may dispense with a few tips that they have discovered. But when it comes to scheduling the maintenance of your motorcycle, there is nobody more authoritative than its manufacturer. If there is someone who should know the optimal schedule for maintenance, it would be the people who built your precious two-wheeler.


2. Regularly check tire pressure and fluids

Motorcycle Oil Cooler - Ultracool Oil Cooling SystemsIdeally, the tire pressure should be checked when the tires are cool, at least once a week, making sure that each tire has the appropriate PSI level.

As for the oil and other fluids, make sure to check these weekly or every other week. In particular, you’d want to inspect the hoses and belts, air cleaner and the transmission fluid levels.


3. Go easy on a cold engine

Harley Oil Cooler Reviews - Ultracool Hollister CAIf your bike has been turned off for more than five hours, all of its oil will have seeped into the oil pan. As such, avoid starting its engine and revving it to the maximum.

Instead, after starting the engine, give it a few seconds to allow the oil to lubricate the engine. After half a minute, you can drive off. However, if the engine has been turned off for more than a day, you have to give the engine more minutes.


4. Watch out for noises

Here-are-5-tips-to-keep-your-motorcycle-running-foreverIn particular, look out for odd noises when your motorcycle is idle and when you are driving it. More often than not, these noises indicate an underlying problem like a nail which has punctured the tire, or worn out brake pads.

If you are unsure where the sound is coming from, bring your bike to an expert mechanic.


5. Drive with care

Motorcycle Oil CoolerIt may be tempting to drive your bike to its limits, but that will only shorten its lifespan.

You should also be careful when shifting from one gear to another, as you risk putting unnecessary stress on the components of the transmission.

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