How to take drostanolone

Drostanolone is usually found in injectable form and we will only consider this use.

As the most common doses of Masteron are around 300-400 mg per week, athletes often use relatively higher doses. These dosages are usually divided into 100-150 mg every other day to observe the half-life of the propionate. If we consider the enanthate option, we might consider taking it 1 to 2 times a week, for example on Monday and Thursday, with the total weekly dosage already split.

The use of Masteron usually lasts no more than 4-6 weeks, and it is done at the end of some preparation, as there is no reason to use Masteron for a long time, as its anabolic strength is very low. Buy drostalon in Britain because it allows you to achieve the most expressive state of the muscles, this also happens due to the fat burning effect of the drug.

Women at risk of taking Masteron can take as little as 100 mg per week. This dose is also given every other day (about 25 mg per application) in the case of propionate and once or twice a week (about 1 mg per application) in the enanthate version.

When used in a cutting cycle, it is combined with some medium to short ester testosterone (testosterone enanthate or propionate), with trenbolone Primobolan.

Regardless of the application, they must always be produced deep intramuscularly and in a hygienic manner.

Short esters tend to be painful, so beginners are advised to select areas on the body with a lot of fat, as is the case with the buttocks. Therefore, the shoulders, calves, triceps and biceps should be avoided.

The detection time for drostanolone propionate is about 3 weeks. Therefore, if you are about to undergo some kind of doping test, it is important to pay attention to this duration.