How to write a high-quality online resume

What is a resume site

It is a modern format for online resume design on a web page. This is a personal website in the resume or portfolio format that contains work experience, education, skills, languages, achievements, possibly examples of work and even recommendations.

With the help of a website resume, you can not only stand out from other candidates, but also be remembered by the employer. This is definitely a surefire way to get your dream job.

And most importantly, writing a resume in this format can be very fast, simple and free. In this article, we'll show you how to write a resume for a successful career.

Resume views statistics

Recruiters spend an average of 6 seconds reviewing their resume. If the candidate's resume aroused interest, you will be contacted. But more often than not they will not even be informed.
That is why a resume site is the best alternative to the usual Word or PDF file.

Benefits of a resume website

Taking into account the above statistics, we again come back to the idea that the best option is a resume site. Indeed, on a web page, you can clearly structure all the information that you want to communicate to the employer about yourself. Fortunately, there are ready-made resume templates that will greatly simplify the formatting process (we will show the most striking examples below). After all, all you need is just to fill the finished structure with information about yourself.

Plus, online resume can easily come across as a creative and tech-savvy candidate! It is these qualities that are very highly valued when selecting a job in 2021.

Finally, with a personal resume site you can build your personal brand online. Employers or customers will be able to find your online resume or portfolio when looking for a specialist in your profile.

So you can not only find a high-paying job, but also start your own business initially working as a freelancer, and eventually you can open your own agency.

How to create a free resume website

So, you are convinced of the need for your own resume website, but have no idea how to make a resume in this format? We hasten to rejoice that the lack of technical skills and knowledge of web design will not be a problem.

You won't need them, because there are website builders in the modern world. Now on the market the best option is, here you can easily write an online resume in just half an hour.

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