Recommendations of the best bookmakers on betting on the Europa League

The second most important soccer European Cup - the Europa League attracts many bettors. After all, there are always enough promising matches for betting. Figure out what are the best bets for the Europa League 2021 and what players need to consider in order not to make mistakes and often win. Choose the best bookmakers for such bets.


Europa League Betting on the outcome of a full match is the most popular type of bet on any match in any tournament. The motivation here is quite simple: the bettor simply includes the expected outcome - a club win or a draw - in the betting slip. Many players often combine several outcomes in betting on the Europa League to create a larger odds. On the one hand, this is enough when there are many games in the group stage of the competition that are played at the same time. On the other hand, expresses on favorites with low odds do not give the necessary return on the long run.

It is recommended to bet on the victory of the favorites in halves of ordinaries. In this case, and the odds will be larger, and there are more chances to win. All bookmaker's offices accept bets on the Europa League soccer halves.

It is enough to have accounts in several of the presented companies, and it will be possible to find positions with favorable odds and make bets on them.

Long term betting on the Europa League

Before and during the tournament, you can always bet on its winner. The Europa League has its own specifics. As you know, at different stages it is replenished by teams that were eliminated from the Champions League. This continues until the playoffs. That means that the list of contenders is constantly adjusted.

But after the departure of strong teams in the final qualifying round of the Champions League, there is likely to be an adjustment. In any case, bettors will always have chances to bet at high odds. It is possible to bet on several major contenders at once with the expectation of winning one of them.

And here the player has good opportunities for choice because of the large odds. The difference in the odds for the victory of one and the same club can reach several units in one and the other BC. The logical solution would be to bet in the offices with the highest odds. It should be taken into account that in the beginning of the tournament bookmakers give the highest odds, closer to the finals, when the range of contenders is noticeably narrowed, the quotes fall.

What is the Champions League in soccer?

The Champions League in soccer is the most prestigious European tournament, which is held annually under the auspices of UEFA. The first draw took place in 1955, at that time the tournament was called the Champions Cup. Since the 1990/1991 season the tournament was slightly modified and got a new name which is still used today. At the same time the current logo and anthem of the tournament appeared.

A little history

The Champions Cup was founded by Gabriel Hanot, a French sports journalist, in 1955. Hainaut sought to create a tournament that would identify the strongest club in the world, after representatives of English Wolverhampton in 1954 claimed that their team was the strongest on the continent. 1992 marked a change in the format of the tournament and its name, there was a group round and several qualifying stages.

Features of the Champions League qualification

The representation of soccer associations in the Champions League is determined by the ranking of those very associations, which is calculated by UEFA on the basis of the results of performances of European clubs in European competitions. The places in the Champions League are allocated as follows:

  • Associations 1 to 3 in the rankings delegate 4 clubs;
  • Associations 4 to 6 in the ranking delegate three teams;
  • Association from 7 to 15 in the ranking delegate 2 clubs;
  • Associations 16 and below in the rankings delegate one team each.

The place in the table also determines the stage from which a club will start. For example, the champions of the countries ranked 3-15 go directly to the group stage, while the vice-champions of the associations ranked lower go through several rounds of qualification. Until the 2015/2016 season, no more than four clubs from one association could participate in the Champions League. In 2015, the Spanish side Sevilla won last year's Europa League and qualified directly for the Champions League group, according to the new UEFA rules.


The winner of the UEFA Champions League receives the European Cup as a trophy and is entitled to keep it for 10 months. To commemorate the triumph, winners are given a scaled-down copy of the cup. Interestingly, the first Champions Cup was given for eternal possession to Spanish club Real Madrid, which has won five draws of the tournament. After that, six more clubs received the original trophy for eternal possession for winning the tournament five times or three times in a row.

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