The Reefer 3.0 exceeded all expectations. I’ve always had overheating problems with my trike. We have year round temps between 90 – 100F; mountainous terrain; and more than our share of city traffic. It is (was) so bad that I had to carry bottles of water with me on every ride to cool off the motor. Not only would I lose my clutch, there have been times the motor would lock up. I installed a set of Luv Jugs but they proved to do very little if anything.

On my first ride (300 miles) out with the Reefer 3.0 I did everything I could to make my trike over heat. It never did. In addition to no clutch issues the trike performed much better. A great deal of thanks goes out to Earl for keeping me informed of the progress of the 3.0 and to Larry and J.J. for their support.