I have a 131″ motor with 8 speakers, 400 watt stereo. I race my bike out in Bonneville for the world’s fastest bagger, with a top speed so far at 151 mph. I have had issues with my bike running extremely hot and spitting oil out the air cleaner, and if I was ever caught in traffic I would coat my entire bike with oil from the air cleaner. I researched all types of coolers before I decided to purchase UltraCool. The install is not as easy to do on a 131, the case is a bit different than the stock case. However, since I do own my own shop I decided to modify it to work with my case (which is a bit of grinding). Since I have had it on my bike I have not once had my bike puke oil out the air cleaner. I am a pleased customer and I encourage my customers to invest in your cooler over any others.

Kevin Kevin