I have an 02 Ultra Classic pushin 100 ponies because of this she ran hot I live in Vegas and I couldn’t even ride up or down the strip do to the over heating. I went to bikefest and saw the “Ultracool” unit and was immediately sure it was the solution. I have a long background in machine maintenance, machine building, and as a machinist, so I knew I needed one of these. Well I got one installed it which was more than easy to do as it as well as the instructions were top notch. well my problems were solved. Well sorry to say but a few months later I found the heat exchanger started leaking, my first thought was are they going to try to weasel out of this. I am so happy to say no they stepped right up to the plate and immediately shipped me a whole new unit. I assure you all this is not only a HIGH QUALITY UNIT but a TOP NOTCH COMPANY. Hey Harley Davidson your missing the boat there should be one of these on EVERY bike you make.