Well I have been looking for an oil cooler for my 2008 Harley FatBob since Aug, well some one on a Facebook group shared Ultracools website information and I’m glad they did. I called and talked to a tech named Larry last week, man the guy knows his stuff. Must coolers only work when your moving and air is going thought the cooler, this one has 2 fans controlled by there switch in the housing. Only need to get one power wire from your bike ( they even tell you were it is ) They even supply the crows foot tool to help you tighten the Aircraft style lines ( No rubber hoes here with screw type Hose clamps ) well the kit showed up today. I’m impressed they did not cheap out on build quality with this kit. No cheap tin or brass cooler here, looks to be cast Alum. If your looking for an oil cooler that fits your bike, looks good and works when the bike is stopped in traffic. You need to talk to These guys. I’m putting in a Brand new Harley Crate 120r motor right now and I feel much better about it running cooler now with this kit. Thanks Larry, and the tech I talked to today ( sorry I did not get your name ) for building a great kit that I feel ( As a mechanic) that well do its job well and for a long time. Even comes with a 1 year warranty. These guys I feel have done it right. Cheaper than the Harley kit and comes with 2 fans mounted to the cooler. What more do you want????