I bought a 2014 Street Glide new and the first thing i noticed different from my old bike was the heat coming off the engine. I’d ride with my knees winged out to keep them from getting to hot. I’ve known Earl for quite a few years, and he kept trying to get me interested in putting one of his coolers on. I was dragging my feet because the other oil coolers i’ve seen don’t look good. About 2 months after i got my bike, Earl shows up on the same year and model bike as mine. “He’s always wanted to be like me.” He had his cooler on his bike and it looked good, it flowed with the bike and didn’t stick out like a sore thumb. So i purchased one and i’ve been real happy with it. It looks good, my bike runs noticeably cooler, i’m not cooking my knees anymore. It’s a good product and it fits in with the style of the bike. Kurt Billingsley