I ride a 2016 Dyna FXDBC Street Bob Special Edition (Limited) 103 Twin Cam, fitted with Arlen Ness Big Sucker Stage 1 air cleaner, V&H Twin Slash slip-ons and the Power Vision fuel tune. Since the PV installed, I have the display reading of the Engine Temp (ET), which in open-road summer day condition used to reach 300°F. Once in an 85-90°F hot day 1st-2nd gear stop&go extreme city traffic the ET reading was showing not less than 360°F, which made me quite alerted. So I started to seek for a solution to cool down my engine operating temperatures and came across the UltraCool system combining the oil cooler with the fan-assisatance.
Part of the kit was the oil filter mounting adapter to accommodate the oil lines to the cooler, and the FLO stainless steel re-usable oil filter with billet finned housing.
My e-mail communication with JJ from UltraCool prior to placing an order was great: promt responsing, very patient with all my questions and always extremely helpful and supportive.
The supplied step-by-step installation instructions are excellent and very clear. The actual job, however, was not really a breeze, but that was not due to the product design, but due to my bike configuration: unwilling to quit a frame chin spoiler I had to opt for a downtube side installation, but with forward controls and the crash bar, it was rather difficult to find a suitable position of the oil cooler. I had to replace the shift linkage rod with a shorter one to move the front shift lever a bit backward to get it out from the way of the oil lines, but finally it took just one afternoon.
I installed the UltraCool in mid September and the indian summer days to come were not that hot anymore as the previous months (max about 80°F ambient), so I had no chance to experience the extreme hot day stop&go city traffic, but anyway very promising… After the installation and a 1,000 miles experience I never reached the engine hotter than 280°F – the fans go on reliably at ET 275°F and switch off when it drops back to 260°F (indicated by the Power Vision display).
As the UltraCool system has no thermostat but just a temperature sensor switch located at the oil filter adaptor housing, I suppose the temp discrepancy comes from the ET sensor sending to the Power Vision is located somewhere inside the engine, so indicates a bit higher temp than the fan switch is turning them on… (?) But anyway, I can confirm the ET reduction of about 30-40°F in “normal” hot day condition but the most important thing for me is that the UltraCool does not allow the ET to rise over the critical levels and keeps the oil fill protected from heat degradation and my engine from damage.
Highly recommended product and definitely worth the money spent.