I have a 2002 Ultra Classic that I bought in 2011 in Northern New Jersey. For the handful of days that we would get the 90+ degree days, I would notice the oil temperature in the upper 240’s….sometimes as high as 255. In the fall of 2014, my wife and I decided to move to San Antonio, Texas. Obviously, the south Texas climate is a bit different, with 5 or 6 months out of the year being 90+, with the better part of 3 months being 100 or better. As I knew that I needed to have the engine rebuilt in the near future, I decided that I would have the shop that I had trusted for so long do the work before we moved. I talked to the owner about adding an oil cooler to the bike while he had it all apart, knowing the climate I would be dealing with. As he had worked with Ultracool on a lot of the testing, he immediately told me that if it was his bike, that’s what he would install and had him install the unit.

When spring hit here, we were getting low 90’s. I never saw the oil temp go above 225. When summer hit and we were seeing 100 degree weather, the highest oil temp I ever saw was 245, but usually the max was about 235. This product works incredibly and would recommend that anyone who has a Harley needs to have this on their bike!!!!! Not only is the product great, but the customer service is bar none.

A number of weeks ago I started hearing a noise. It sounded like a vibration sometimes, maybe something in the engine at others. Then I noticed a drip of oil underneath the bike which got a little more pronounced a few days later. After some investigation, the plates that attach to the stock oil filter housing for the oil cooler operation were moving slightly, enough so to cause the leak. SoI found both of my problems and called the shop that installed it in New Jersey to find out what I should do. He gave me the number, told me to call them and tell them who installed the unit and explain what was going on. He told me they would take care of everything, but I was skeptical. I called 2 days before Christmas and spoke to Larry, explained what was going on, and told him who what installed the unit. Larry immediately told me what caused the problem, that they had seen this problem before and they had designed an adapter key to solve that problem on that particular engine. He said he would ship me the new key, bolts, gaskets, instruction sheet, AND the newly designed wrench for the oil lines. He also told me I would have the package the day after Christmas. The package came as promised!!!

I can’t say enough about the great product they sell, but Larry could have been more helpful in not just shipping the parts out, but taking the time to explain all the things that they have updated and why (the adapter key being one of them to eliminate the problem that I experienced). The customer service they have is second to NONE!!! When I buy my next bike, the first thing I will do is but an Ultracool oil cooler on it before I do ANYTHING else!!!!!! Thanks guys!!!!