Riding a big inch fully built air-cooled V-Twin Harley in Texas comes with certain challenges. The biggest is overcoming the additional heat that is created when you chase big HP and Torque numbers. Knowing this, I was already prepared (I thought) to win the Battle. Armed with a Screaming Eagle Oil Pan that adds an additional 1.5 quarts of Red Line 20W-60 to the crankcase, Love Jugs cooling fans and a basic oil cooler, I started my break in period. Shortly into my initial ride on a motor build that consumed all of $6K, I got caught in a traffic jam. Oil temp hit 245 degrees with in 2 minutes. I pulled over, shut it down and waited for the oil to cool and traffic to clear before turning around and heading home. Since the only weak link was the less than efficient oil cooler, I ordered a Reefer 3.0 Fan-assisted Cooler and a FLO reusable oil filter.
After a 4 hour install, I headed out for a second break in attempt. SUCCESS! Oil temp stayed between 190-220. This Cooler works, period. Even though I created my own Heat Monster problem, the Ultra Cool product was the only component that did what it advertises. It works. Get one. You will never regret it