Rick, I just upgraded my 2002 FLHR from your old Ultra Cooler which had just one fan, a different cooler and look to your new RF-1 Reefer with the dual fans, a better cooler and your nice chrome cover.

Wow, what a difference,( in a few different ways), the installation was a lot easier,(even for me), but you do need to follow the instructions. I had no problem installing the brackets and wiring, oil filter adaptor, running the nice braided lines (thanks!!!) and mounting the cooler itself. The braided lines with your new fittings were a cinch to install, free of kinks, and with your new design I had more room for a better fit and look. After it was installed I took it for a spin and then double checked everything for tightness. The cooler performed great, when the temp got high enough,(it was a hot day), the fans went to work and maintained a decent temperature not letting it get too hot.

It’s a great peace of mind knowing I can sit in traffic or go on long runs in the heat of the day and it’s running cooler. The RF-1 is bang for your buck, it prolongs engine life and should be on your list when bullet proofing your ride. Thanks again for a great product, a few years ago, I started with one of your first coolers and now am enjoying your new generation. You must be doing something right!