I had done a lot of online research about oil coolers & I kept coming back to the Ultra Cool product. When I called & spoke with Earl he helped answer all of my questions. After talking for a few minutes we discovered our last names were the same. We shared some of our family history. I ask Earl another tech question & Earl says let me ask Larry. I remembered Larry’s name from the online videos & was like cool the guy who help design this product really is hands on with the company. Now about the oil cooler my bike is a 2008 street glide 96 ci recently added the 110 tire shredder kit from HD. The bike would reach temps of 300 plus. After installing the Ultra Cool oil cooler my bike never runs hotter then 240. Summer is approaching soon & I cant wait to put it to the summer heat test I feel confident that the cooler will do fine. Also I installed the FLO Oil filter per Earl’s advise.I will post a summer update soon. We will also be promoting Ultra Cool Products every where we ride. GREAT PRODUCT BACKED BY GREAT PEOPLE. Ps I will have pic’s come summer