My ride:
03 FLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic Anniversary Edition

So, I think it goes without saying. I’ve been battling the heat for some time. I’m out in Las Vegas, NV. The summer temps will get up to 120. So, I first installed an engine fan. It does work for what it is. But, it never corrected my bike from shutting off in the middle of traffic.

So, I actually searched, searched, and searched some more. I ended up purchasing the Ultra Cool oil cooler about a month ago. So, its been sitting in the box until yesterday when I FINALLY installed it.

In ALL seriousness. The instructions are EASY. It installs EASY. I’ve only had it on for a day but, it WORKS!

I’m not sure at what temp the actual fans activate at but I will say this… The oil cooler alone made a huge difference.

However. I only have 1 gripe…

My bike has/had a “display” stand (dual kick stand at the very front of the frame under the floorboards. I very much use it.

I ran into a problem on the install due to the display stand. Basically, the oil cooler WILL NOT fit if you have a display stand installed. But, lets be serious… At this point in time…. You DID just spend $400 on a part that you obviously needed. So… I asked myself.. is it worth removing the stand and installing the cooler. OBVIOUSLY!

Other then that. I am very pleased with it!