Purchased the side mounted cooler, Flo filter and Y128 multi-connection harness for my 2019 RoadKing Special, and must say I’m extremely pleased with the performance of the components! I installed the components myself within ~ 4 hours. The instructions were excellent, and the quality of the components are high quality. After installation, I commissioned the new components in some pretty heavy traffic in metro Houston area, with the ambient temperature in low-90’sF. Normally it takes about 15 minutes to get the oil temperature to 210F. After riding for about 25 minutes, I was getting concerned the LED light and fan were not operating. Then both kicked on and operating per design. I noticed at a few stoplights the engine heat was less than before installation of the cooler. The convection heat transfer of the twin fans work really well. Immediately after the ride was completed I measured the oil temperature in the oil tank – 225F. The next test will include some wide open interstate riding in the afternoon in mid-90F weather, and constantly measuring the oil temperature to see how the new cooler really performs! So far I’m pleased with the new components. The only item I wished they offered is a XXL shirt so I can wear it with my Harley gear in style!!!