I installed this unit myself on my Road Glide about two years ago with no issues. I have a 103 with some added motor work, boosting it up a little more and have logged about 6,500 miles since the install. A number of those miles were running across the desert at times in temps of up to 115 degree with the unit performing great. My bike never gets over 205 while riding at the peak of the heat in the Mohave desert and in traffic has never gone over 208 degrees. A few friends riding with me have had their bikes overheat, not to mention the other riders we see pulled over to the side or at the gas stops waiting for their bikes to cool off. I have yet to have any issues and have felt comfortable in all conditions. I also have the Flo Billet aluminum reusable oil filter on the bike as well as this filter allows more oil flow per minute than the stock harley filter helping to keep things cooler as well. Initially I had to get use to hearing the UltraCool fan when I slowed down or stopped but now it’s really a comforting sound as I know the unit is doing it’s job. I have recommended it to a number of friends who have installed it as well, with one using it on his Harley with a 120R motor.