I must say thank you to UltraCool for producing such a great product. I have the Reefer FL-1 on my 2008 Harley Davidson Road King/Lehman Trike. I commute in heavy traffic in North Metro Atlanta, covering 21 miles through 30 stoplights. Running with an AFR of 13.8 and the UltraCool Reefer, oil temps peak out around 230 degrees in the worst of conditions of summer, bumper to bumper traffic on a 90 degree humid day. Typically, in normal driving, oil temps stay between 210 and 220 degrees. Without this configuration, I was easily getting oil temps above 250 degrees, sometimes as much as 270-280 degrees. The Reefer is a very high quality product end-to-end. Customer service is top of the line. I have personally communicated with Alex and Rob.They have been helpful to answer questions and receive my feedback on product performance. Great product. Great Company. Great People. Keep it going!