They aint cheap but the best stuff never is.

All things considered it’s a relatively small price to pay to protect your investment in your bike.
I have 2022 Lowrider ST.
The cooler package posted from USA to Australia in less than a week!
I installed it in a few hours after work with six pack of beer assisting.
I don’t have an oil temp gauge on the bike.
Before, the engine idle temperature management system would cut the spark to the rear cylinder often, when idling in traffic, when this happens obviously the bike is getting a bit too hot, and the idle RPM would increase from 850 to 1100.
(no one wants to be sitting in traffic with the engine idling faster than it needs to…)

Now the fans kick in and cool the engine oil before the EITMS gets a chance to come on.

I highly recommend getting this product if you own a Harley and live where it gets hot.

If I ever get another bike, I’ll definitely be getting another Ultra Cool set up to go with it.

Thanks Guys.