It was stop and go on I5 freeway. 95* out and my 2003 Road King starts sputtering. off to the side I go. feet up on the bars lay down and sleep for 2 hours. Bike cools down and home I go.
So the search for a way to cool her down.
looking around to see what’s out their. Reading reviews on all sites. I only want the best for my Harley. go on line order the reefer for the Harley. go to install and I bust bolts, this is before I even open a beer . Its the weekend so home Depot I go. pick up a couple that will fit. oil adapter on, start on the bracket. Wow something is not looking right. Fender is 1/4″ from the cooler and the cooler is facing the ground. To the phone I go. Larry calls me, Hay what’s going on. after explaining what I had done and sending pictures to Earl’s phone. There are a few bugs to work out, like move the wire at the regulator.
Gee I feel stupid.
needless to say Larry and Earl are Right On.
Kind of like when you do a fund raiser and help someone out because you stand by being a good person from the inside out.
Larry the wife and I will be coming down your way bringing you a Olympia Beer, and hand shake and hug.
Its the real Brothers that help make the world we live in a better place.