After doing a fair amount of research, I chose the UltraCool for my jacked up 08 Ultra Classic. Upon receipt I immediately unpacked the cooler and the Flow Oil Filter. I was really amazed at the great job these guys did in designing the packaging…. a sign of great things to come. I carefully examined all the parts and components and was extremely pleased with my purchase so far. Everything was very well manufactured and meticulously finished. I am a bike builder and had one on the stove that had to get finished so I had to wait a few weeks to install it. I could hardly wait to get it installed as it was already getting in the mid-90s here in the Phoenix area and my machine really needed a cool down.

I carefully read the instructions and viewed their online video. It all seemed very straight forward so I dug in. I can honestly say, this was the best documented installation instructions ever. From start to finish it took me 3 hours including getting the hog on the lift and ready to operate. Everything went like clockwork, it was a happy installation. The only thing I did contrary to the instructions was to remove the regulator first. I also installed the grille after the bike was off the lift so the forks could be moved to one side to accommodate the easy 2 bolt cover install (a fender clearance thing).

The AN fittings and braided fitted hoses made this the most desirable unit by itself, but the quality of the cooler, adaptor and other components gives this top honors.

I am running 10.75 comp, 588 cams, 58 MM injector/body, SE HD CNC ported heads, 1/4 in. stroke, 103 in SE Jugs and a few other things that when fully loaded makes her run on the warm side. In fact last fall the girl just had a hissy fit in stop and go at 108 degrees and pinged and farted like a crazy bitch.

Way too much bucks invested not to get a quality cooler before it warmed up this year. I tested the operation of the cooler system by installing the shunt and the fans ran and the light came on. First time out the temp was 95 so I figured I would see how much it would drop the oil temp. WOW, before the cooler and filter, I was running 245 but after it was a cool 165 – 170 and the fans never came on to assist.

The true test came last weekend. I filled the bags full of stuff and packed my girl for a 150 mile trip from 1200 ft. to 6500 ft. elevation deep into the White Mountains. It was a little cooler but the oil temp never went over 215 and the fans never had to come on to assist. Despite the full load and a lot of heavy throttle on big hills this cooler did much more than I possibly expected.

I highly recommend this cooler for anybody that wants superior craftsmanship, top performance and overall total satisfaction. PS. go for the finned billet oil filter too, it is an awesome pair and adds additional cooling.