I have to say that the customer service at Ultracool has been excellent! i had some clips that were broken when i received my oil cooler. no big deal, ill send them an email and wait for a response in a couple day, NOPE, about 15 mins later my phone is ringing and it was Earl from Ultracool calling me to get the details. after a very informative conversation with Earl about the clips and some of the product testing that is done over there, he promptly got the clips shipped out to me.
on to the oil cooler, it was pretty easy to install. i really like the braided screw on hoses, made install quick and painless. the dual fans really rock. when those fans kick on i know that my bike is going to cool down. another plus about the ultracool is that there is plenty of room behind incase you want to upgrade your engine mount to a predator mount. i mostly commute on my bike, but sometimes i get stuck in traffic and so far the ultracool has been able to keep up and keep my engine cool in the houston bumper to bumper. thanks a lot Earl!