I installed the Reefer by UltraCool on my 200 FLHT with a 124″ motor early this summer of 2014. this is my everyday ride, back and forth to work, that’s 15 miles of city traffic each way. Longer rides on weekends, and vacations. this bike and i have been across this country several times. On my commute to work and back oil temperature in the oil tank averages right around 215°F. That’s after 30 minutes or more of city traffic!!

The highest oil temp I have observed, measured with an HD digital dipstick, since installing the Reefer is 227°F. That was on an 800 mile ride over 2 days in summer temps of 90°F+, average speeds 70 mph and up, stopping for gas only till I got to mydestination. the bike runs noticeably cooler. This motor used to build heat, now I am controlling the heat very well.Steven Miller