It makes 130tq/130hp.

Just for comparison: On one particularly hot day in Sacramento a couple years ago, my oil temperature approached 300°F. I had an HD oil cooler with a thermostat installed, I was very concerned, and finally pulled over in some shade and shut down to give the bike time to shed some heat. I changed the oil as as possible, more for peace of mind than anything else.

I am a Master Tech at the local HD dealer in Southwest Ohio. Summers here are hot and humid!! I would never have recommended an oil cooler without a thermostat till I came in contact with the folks at UltraCool. Now I’m a believer. With today’s EFI motors running hot, a thermostat is not needed. For example; I have a customer with over 300,000 miles on his 2008 FLHRSE4, last winter he was riding in below zero weather, -5°F to be exact. The oil in his tank was holding 190°F! Warm enough to boil off the water that that forms from cold starts. We had made a cover for his cooler for winter riding, but found out it was not needed. Now if his bike had a carburetor like mine, a cover would have to be used at that temperature extreme. Rest assured my bike and I will not be out in that kind of weather.

I now recommend and install the Reefer on my customer’s bikes with very positive feedback. Everyone has told me they feel a noticeable difference in heat after installing the Reefer.