The Ultracool Reefer for my 2015 Dyna Street Bob Special Edition was the best quality and most easy to install modification to date. The way the company packages the kit with easy to follow instructions is remarkable. There were no issues at all and totally leak free, as well as exactly as stated. I use it in conjunction with my Wards FCS fans and together I have the best made in the USA cooling possible. My TC98 runs about 230 degrees max and the fans kick in at 220 as promised. I guess UltraCool must really improved the system over the years because it is perfect and I’m surprised to read about others with minor issues. It is too easy to install and everything fits perfectly with a booklet that makes it so anyone should be able to do it with basic tools and common sense. Thanks Earl and UltraCool for a fine product that will make my Harley last until my retirement and on. Aloha, Craig