This is a very good company which manufactures a very good product, certainly holds to the meaning of “Made in America”. The first thing which stands out is the weight of the cooler opposed to the stock Harley cooler that I removed, which gave me confidence in the quality by not scrimping on the materials. In talking to Earl and Larry I not only found them very knowledgeable of the product and industry but also easy to work with. After purchasing the unit but before I could install it, my trike ended up back in the shop for a second engine rebuild due to oil related issues, odometer only has 31,000 miles. I’m not sure if they were being gracious or just felt sorry for me but they extended my warranty by several months to start when I was able to install the cooler.
I would describe my mechanical experience as a “shade tree mechanic” 30 years ago but haven’t done much since. The installation was relativity easy with no leaks and everything functioning fine. Due to the fact I had upgraded my stator and in turn my voltage regulator I did have to put a notch in the mounting bracket, but due to the fact the material is of such a heavy gauge I was able to do so without compromise. I do not know exactly how much cooler my trike is running (won’t know until the summer) but I can tell that there is a huge improvement when I am riding, and it also takes longer to warm up which is when the fans are not even running. I also like the fairing light that tells me when the fans are running because of everything I have been through up until now I am still very conscientious of what is going on.
For anyone considering buying a cooler; stop right here with Ultracool, you have already found the right one.