I have reviewed my oil cooler, I’d like to add the city riding difference with the UltraCool oil cooler and Flo cleanable oil filter combination. City riding stop and go traffic at 90° ambient temperatures. Before the oil filter city riding the oil temperature held steady at 230°. With the Flo cleanable oil filter, I now run a steady 220° I’m very satisfied with the temperature reduction. Before the Flo oil filter, I sent an oil sample to Blackstone Laboratories for an oil analysis. It came back with flying colors. I have almost 3,000 miles on the oil with the Flo oil filter. I will be sending another sample to Blackstone Laboratories and letting them know of the oil filter change. I feel very strongly that the oil sample will come back with the same results. I’m not a lubrications engineer, but I do understand how engine oil Flows through an oil filter when the oil is cold. Very little is filtered, with the Flo oil filter in place there is much more oil being filtered because of the 30 micron screen. So little to no oil being filtered when cold to a real good percentage of oil being filtered. When the oil reaches operating temperatures there is a lot more oil being filtered at highway speeds. A 10° difference means a lot to me. I will share my findings on my next report from Blackstone Laboratories good or bad. 2009 FLHX Harley Davidson Street Glide.