I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to UltraCool, as they have made it possible for me to compete with my bike. I have been racing for the World’s Fastest Bagger in Bonneville since 2008. I had installed a JIMS 131 in my bike and was having a lot of issues with oil being blown out my air cleaner, this would happen to me when I was caught in traffic where I was not able to get air to the motor. When you build up these monster motors, they run extremely hotter than normal bikes. I tried everything possible to figure out how to get it to stop, however I was out of options. I researched oil coolers and ran across UltraCool and the oil cooler they were selling. First of all the oil cooler is sleek and does not stick out there like a sore thumb as most of the others did. I purchased one and bam the oil being spit out the air cleaner ended, I am not scared of being caught in traffic anymore. I was fortunate enough to be able to start up my own motorcycle repair shop in 2014 after graduating college. I have had a demo UltraCooler in the front of my shop since day one, and when asked about motor work, I encourage them all to go with this oil cooler with any big motor builds. I have been pushing the envelope on proving that you can have a built bagger that can run from state to state and still compete for top speeds at the quarter mile, or at a sanctioned mile event. In 2016, I had a JIMS 135 ProCharged pushing 208hp and 190ft/tq, this thing is a beast. I was able to pull an 11.4sec quarter mile at a top speed of 124mph, and rode a road trip from Colorado to Arizona and then to Las Vegas, with the return trip home from Vegas to Colorado in 13hrs. The day after returning home, I ran at the Colorado Mile at a top speed of 152.1mph taking the Title of World’s Fastest Street Legal Bagger 2016. All this was completed within a week and a half. This would not have even possible without the oil cooler, and that is why you will hear me say that was one of the most important part I have ever installed on my bike. With everyone building bigger motors in baggers, the oil cooler should definitely be part of any engine combination.
Thanks for your support, RoadSkulls V-Twin Performance.