Hi Guys!

I hope Christmas was great for you both. I got the new oil feed line with the 20° Bend. Nice work!

I am really happy. And Larry thanks for sending the new grill. The other was more damaged than I had 1st thought. You guys rock! I’m not holding my tongue any longer. Your product works good in the Tucson Winter. 55°-60° day I rode several hundred miles and my temp was at 170°! My buddy rides a Victory 106 with their cooler in it and she was running 180°. Summer will be the real test though. Those 110°+ days will be the true test.

One word of thought I wanna pass along. As I installed the 20° hes I noticed the hose rotated on the solid tube. It was loose. But I noticed it rotate. I’m not seeing any leaks right now. I’ll keep a close eye on it! Have a happy New Year!

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