Robert Clink; Larry Steed, Gentlemen,

After riding for almost 70yrs. on all kind of motorcycles, competing in all types of amateur to professional activities, from the “Jack Pine” enduro (off road), Trails, Hill Climbs, Road events, (10,000 miles in 11 Days) and Raced on the sands in Daytona Beach, (1949-51), my “educational” feedback might have some credibility.

Approximately 4 months ago I purchased your UltraCool Oil Cooler. It was installed on my 2011 H.D. CVO 100 Screaming Eagle Ultra Glide. It was installed by a technician at my dealer, Treasure Coast H.D. of Sturet FL.

I will say there is no question that it brings the running temperature down. Here in south FL, the last 3 months or so the temperatures averaged between 93-96 degrees with the humidity about the same. As you know the 110’s run quite hot. This inherent engine temperature combined with the ambient air temperature makes for a very hot riding motorcycle. the bike generally ran between 270-280 degrees. After the installation of “your” product; the “UltraCool Oil Cooler”, as the fans become energized, the temperature comes down to between 210-225 degrees.

The only “caveat” I find, is that when the fans come on, I do get some more hot air blowing on my lower legs and torso (mostly lower part of my body). However there may be an “end tradeoff” while riding at speed for a “total” lower temperature “breeze” on the legs, due to the engine temperature being lowered.

I want to thank you for working with me and sending me a replacement thermostat. This unit seems to function better. I probably will need a little more time for a more complete evaluation. However there is no question that this UltraCool oil cooler does accomplish what it is engineered to do. You run a first class operation.