In an ideal world, you would have all the time to explore and see the scenic bike routes you have always been dreaming of getting to. But unless you are a retiree or have a business that runs by itself, there is one crucial restraint that you should consider: time.

“When you are eyeing motorcycle routes you have not yet explored, ample planning can go a long way.”

Here’s how you can make the most out of the long scenic bike routes you are planning.

Let your interests guide you

During the initial stages of planning, it is a good idea to start with specific areas of interest that you wish to go to. From there, you can plan your route accordingly.

Determine how long you need to ride

For longer rides, you may want to pace yourself accordingly by calculating how many hours or miles you will need to cover in order to arrive at your chosen destination/s within a given time frame. Take into account breaks for rest and eating and even unexpected detours.

Consider renting a bike

If you are planning a considerably long ride and you do not want to subject your precious ride to too much wear on the road, you might want to consider renting a motorcycle. Alternatively, you can have your motorcycle shipped and delivered to a particular location on your route and ride from there.

Know thyself

In choosing which routes to take, take into account the terrain as well as your riding skill and experience. If you go out of your depth, you may prolong your ride — or worse, compromise your safety.

Timing is key

Determine what the weather is like in your chosen destinations during the time you intend to visit and then make the necessary adjustments of revisions. Broadly speaking, the best time to take long rides is between May and September. The weather is pleasant and most attractions are open.

Schedule some downtime

Things can happen unexpectedly: bad weather, bike breaks down, etc. By setting an allowance for downtime, you can keep pace with your schedule. And even if things go according to your initial plan, you can use your downtime to explore some places more.

Create a budget

An otherwise pleasant trip can be ruined by lack of funds. Remember, you are going to spend money not only on gas. Your budget should also cover a lot of the basics (meals, accommodations, entrance fees) as well as incidentals like repairs. If you think you are going to be short on cash, consider taking a shorter trip.

Be safe

Whether it’s a long or short ride, safety should always be a priority when on scenic bike routes. Click here to find a new oil cooler and save your bike from overheating on those scenic bike routes today!