#SM-116SS Side Mount Ear Bracket (upgraded)



Upgraded Stainless Steel “ear” bracket for the UltraCool Covered Side Mount oil coolers.  This stainless steel version replaces the aluminum version used until 2023 and is 5 times stronger.  They are available in Chrome or Black and will come with mounting bolts and an alignment bar.  The alignment bar should be used to perfectly align the frame clamps.  Not using the alignment bar to align the clamps will stress the original aluminum version and it can break.  Although that is unlikely with the new steel bracket the alignment bar should still be used to perfectly align the frame clamps. Also note that the plate mounted to the cooler has to be removed to remove the bolts holding the ear bracket on.  Red threadlocker was used on those bolts, so they should be heated to remove easier.  Once removed, use red thread locker and the new bolts to install the new bracket.

Additional information

Weight .4 lbs