#SM-121 7/16″ Allen Driver



This 7/16″ Allen Driver can be used with a socket.  This tool comes with all M8 UltraCool Oil Coolers and is used to install an UltraCool M8 Oil Adapter.

It does NOT come with UltraCool Twin Cam kits but is needed to remove a Harley-Davidson oil adapter.  The center of the oil filter threads is a 7/16″ allen head.  This allen driver can be inserted and a socket and ratchet can be used to remove the Harley-Davidson oil adapter threaded bushing.  Once the threaded bushing is removed, the Harley oil adapter will come off and the UltraCool Oil Adapter can be installed. SInce the largest allen size in common allen sets is 3/8″ this 7/16″ tool is great for amateur mechanics working on their own motorcycles.

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs

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