Why do you ride a motorcycle? Ask that question to motorcycle owners and you’ll surely get a diverse set of answers. But if there are a few things all motorbike riders will agree upon, it’s that their rides are both exciting to use and fuel efficient.

But another cold hard truth that all motorcycle riders silently acknowledge is that riding their two-wheelers can be dangerous — more dangerous than driving a car. According to available statistics, motorcyclists are more likely to die when they figure in a crash. Most of these accidents do not involve other vehicles.

Is it possible to keep yourself safe and reach your intended destination in one piece? The answer is yes. Many motorcyclists have been riding out without even figuring in a single accident. Here are a few tips that can help keep you safe out on the road.

Choose the right bike

If you are a newbie or if you haven’t ridden for years, you need to be aware that there have been various technological advances used in manufacturing motorcycles.

If you intend to buy a bike, start out with a smaller one with a 250 to 300cc engine if you wish to have a daily commuter. On the other hand, if you wish to have a bike suitable for riding highways, opt for a bike with an engine within the 500 to 750cc range.

Whatever bike you choose, whatever your purpose may be, make sure that it fits you well and you are comfortable riding it.

Fit your bike with antilock brakes

Studies show that motorbikes with antilock brakes are less likely to figure in crashes as this brake gives the rider steering control during emergency stops.

Upgrade your riding skills

Find a motorcycle riding course that will help you polish basic skills while teaching you advanced safety techniques. This will help boost riding safety and even qualify you for insurance discounts.

Know what to wear

Riding out without a helmet increases your risk for suffering a head injury by as much as 40 percent, and you are three times more likely to suffer a brain injury. Opt for a full-face helmet and replace it every five years or when it becomes damaged.

Invest in the right type of jacket, gloves, full pants, footwear and goggles.

Drive defensively

Harley oil coolersIn accidents where cars and motorcycles are involved, it is usually the owner of the former who is at fault. In order to minimize risk, take the necessary precautions like maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles.

Stay off the road during bad weather

As much as possible, avoid riding during inclement weather. If you must venture out, wait a little bit after rainfall. It is usually dangerous after the rain begins to fall as oil residue rises and makes the road more slippery. Ride slowly and be mindful of strong winds.

Make sure your bike is road-worthy
Make sure that every part of your bike is in good condition every time you venture out, including the brakes, chains and tires. Have your bike checked by a professional routinely. Consider using the right type of motorcycle oil cooler, like our Harley oil coolers, to improve your bike’s performance and improve safety on the road.