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Best upgrade for the money yet!

Way up here in the Northeast our bikes take a beating. I usually spend some decent money every year on repairs and upgrades. This year my wife said “Cool it”! So I did!! With the Low Mount Dual Fan Assist my oil pressure at idle on a hot 85 degree day is 19 psi. With the stock cooler it was 14-15. Viscosity is important and cooler oil retains its lubricating properties longer. My 2014 Ultra Classic has 98K on it and I hope for another 100K.

Thank you for the incredibly fast shipping and an excellent product. The quality is incredible and the installation was a breeze.

David Dennis

Great Product, Great Service, Fastest shipping ever.

They aint cheap but the best stuff never is.

All things considered it's a relatively small price to pay to protect your investment in your bike.
I have 2022 Lowrider ST.
The cooler package posted from USA to Australia in less than a week!
I installed it in a few hours after work with six pack of beer assisting.
I don't have an oil temp gauge on the bike.
Before, the engine idle temperature management system would cut the spark to the rear cylinder often, when idling in traffic, when this happens obviously the bike is getting a bit too hot, and the idle RPM would increase from 850 to 1100.
(no one wants to be sitting in traffic with the engine idling faster than it needs to...)

Now the fans kick in and cool the engine oil before the EITMS gets a chance to come on.

I highly recommend getting this product if you own a Harley and live where it gets hot.

If I ever get another bike, I'll definitely be getting another Ultra Cool set up to go with it.

Thanks Guys.




Cooler than ever before

Kits for the2020 FXDR 114 pending, I ordered parts I could possibly work with to modify the front chin and minor reshaping with heat for fitment. Mounting plates and brackets cut to fit. And, it works like magic! Cooler than ever before, anywhere, any temperature variables proven!


Lower Fairing Mount (2024 version)

Just finished installing my FLH M8 Lower Fairing Mounted Oil Cooler. I can and only share my thoughts about the installation, because weather is prohibiting from riding. Take your time, due your do diligence, especially during the Lower fairing modification. The results will be worth it. I couldn't be happier with the appearance. Watch the installation video, follow the instructions. Looking forward to the performance of the cooler.

Franklin Eugene Fleming

Great product, great customer service!

First off, the product is great and a must-have for an air cooled bike. Well worth the investment.
Secondly, customer service is beyond great. I had an issue and they went above and beyond to get me back running. I rarely write a review but customer service this good deserves to be recognized.

John Savage

Amazing product and amazing customer service

97° and stopped at a red light, I started to feel the heat and then the fans game on. After the traffic light I got up to a speed of 100 and the fans went off two minutes later. Interestingly afterwards. I joined a group of riders and the fans were on for most of the time, despite us maintaining a speed over 100.
This is definitely the best upgrade anybody can do for their bike.

Peter Pinheiro

Ultra oil cooler does a great job

I HAVE 124 cu in twin cam Harley Davidson and if you are looking for a quality product that really works this is it . It dropped my oil temp by 40 degrees and this high horsepower Harley would be running hot all the time without it.

MIKE Davis

Amazing product! 2006 Road King

Just purchased the 3.0 oil cooler (2 weeks ago) through my local dealer (Chopper Rods) in Fredericton New Brunswick. Installation was easy, instructions were detailed & easy to follow. I am very impressed with this oil cooler it is an amazing product that also looks awesome on my HD. Thank you for an awesome product. 2006 Road King FLHRSI.

Mike Lavallee

131ci Ultra Ltd is UltraCool!

I have 2021 ultra limited with a 131 in it. The bike oil temp would run between 250 and 280 degrees on a 90 to 100 degree day doing 70to 75 mph. Took a trip to the black hills my engine oil temp went to 310 degrees on 85 to 95 degree day pulling the hills curves.. after I put the ultra cool and flo oil filter on my Temps have dropped 50 to 60 degrees. The only time the fans turn on is when I'm in stop and go traffic. I've also noticed the water cooling fans don't run as much.. I would definitely recommend putting a ultra cool oil cooler on your bike. It's also made a big difference in heat coming off of engine.


Twin cam ultracool RF-2 3.0

I installed the RF-2 3.0 fan assisted oil cooler system on my 2015 road king about 500 miles ago along with the flo PSC4C oil filter.

Install was easy since I purchased the additional plug and play harness. Changed the oil at the same time to minimize the mess.

I live in florida and have notice a difference in how my bike runs. The bike feels like it runs stronger. This kit along with mid frame air deflectors is a must in the Florida heat. I will be putting Ultracool product on every Harley-Davidson I own from now on.
Extremely happy with these products. And I’ll be telling everyone that asks about it that I recommend it!!!

Brandon Heath

Works amazing of my 2005 Electra Glide!

On my 60th Birthday, I have been blessed with a 2005 HD Electra Glide Ultra Classic with a stock Twin Cam 88. While upgrading the Cam Chain Tensioners, I chose to install the Ultra Cool Oil Cooler. The install instructions that came with it, as well as the web videos I found made for a clean install. I had to custom fit the regulator/cooler mount, but the instructions gave me a heads-up on that as well. I just finished my first test ride, and it works excellent. I was happy to find an American Made product. I can't wait to ride with my brothers and say good things about you and your products. God bless, Chap Devon

Devon Johns

This is not your Grandpa's Oil Cooler!

From the ordering process to the shipping and delivery to the installation, nothing says "Professional" like Ultracool. When I recieved the kit I knew that I was dealing with a top notch company. Everything is neatly packed and comes with quality installation instructions.
If you can read and have a little common sense the install is easy as pie!
The chrome cover and polished aluminum FLO filter added a great touch to the front of the trike!
With the heat in the deep southeast Texas hitting the 100's the oil temps have stayed down below the 200's with the fans barely coming on only when we are in traffic and only then for a brief moment until the oil cools down.
Thank you UltraCool for a excellent product and outstanding customer service.

Les Young

Amazing is Arizona Heat!

I have a Dyna and I just installed the 3.0 Ultra Cool dual fan assist oil cooler. I live in Arizona and this is amazing. Keeps the temperature around 210° F  The directions are easy to follow. The kit comes with everything you need. It’s extremely well-made easy to install,. I was taking my time and still only took about an hour and a half from start to finish. The directions are easy to follow and made the installation and wiring super simple. It’s the best thing I ever bought for my Harley and now I can ride a little bit longer in our crazy heat

James Rock

Great products

I have a 2020 Street Glide Special and put the new 3.0 side mount cooler on, along with the oil filter.
Install was a breeze, took about 3 and a half hours, but I took my time and was in no hurry, stopping several times to have an ice cold beverage.
Today 06-03-23 I went on an 80 mile test ride, fan didn't come on, but I was on the highway running 65-75 mph "back roads of Southern Oklahoma"
Got home let bike idle for about 5 minutes and fan kicked on, went less than a 1/4 mile down the street and it already shut off, I couldn't be happier, I also installed the blue led notification light on the plastic piece under my ignition switch.
Thank you for great product, oh no leaks either!!!

Brian Honeycutt

Great customer service

Great customer service! I had originally bought a 3.0 under the regulator mount oil cooler but wanted to side mount it instead. I went over to Ultracool in Murrieta and spoke with JJ. I told him that I had originally bought the under the regulator mounted cooler from the shop that I take my bike to for service but that I wanted to side mount it instead. With no questions asked he got me what I needed at no extra cost! I ended up going with the 3.0 side mounted Naked oil cooler I also purchased the Flo oil filter. I’m going to put it to the test next weekend in Bullhead!

Thanks again for all your help and the great customer service JJ!

Mike Martinez
Men of Fire MC

Service at its best

JJ is the man - I ended up needing a longer oil line because I had to mount the cooler lower than the directions recommend due to my fxrt fairing. I talked to on the phone and discussed a few options. Ended up he made me a 2 inch longer line and mailed it to me within 3 days, also talked me into their oil filter. Just installed it and everything's perfect. Can't say enough good things about customer service - thanks so much.

Todd Choops

Best Oil Cooler

Best way to cool your engine. The technology and workmanship are impeccable. I installed the 3.0 Ultra Cool and Flo Filter on my 2022 RG CVO and the performance regarding heat has improved remarkable. The service and instructions UltraCool provides is unmatched. Everything is top notch, I’m extremely pleased with the entire process from ordering to final install. I highly recommend this system to anyone that cares about engine heat.

Matt Jad

Amazing in the Arizona Heat!

Living in Arizona I quickly realized I needed to cool down my oil temps on my Dyna. Especially running the screamin eagle 110 motor. Looked around and ended up going with UltraCool because of the dual fans and it just looked better than any other cooler that’s out there. Mounted it on my bike in about an hour and also used their reusable oil filter. Took a ride out to California and had to stop in needles where it was 110 degrees. Bike was idling in that heat and the cooler handled it with no problem. Harleys Engine Idle Temperature Management System is installed on my bike and it didn’t even kick on while idling in those temps. UltraCool has a hell of a product and you’ll never get the run around when you call them to ask questions about their products. I would definitely recommend their cooler to anyone that needs one

Joel Bishop

Easiest install ever

I have a 2013 Street Glide this I decided to add an oil cooler after doing some research I settle on the ultra cool 3.0 I am happy I did it was easy to install by following the instructions book . JJ told me what to expect over the phone it looks great & performs great keeps my Harley cool thanks for making a great product that does what you says it does

Richard Rawlings

Love it!

Love it!

Bart Buntin
Lobo Del Mar


Ok guys just want to let you all know this is my second oil cooler now. My first was on a 2012 Heritage Softail, my new one is the screaming 110 pro street breakout. All I can say is wow wow wow! For all you proud Mechanics out there , swallow your pride an just read the instructions for the first time! These guys got this thing down to a Science! Want to give a shout out to one of their parts guys , JJ, he walked me through every step an I chose the side mounted cooler... what a difference! I'm down here in South Padre Texas an it is extremely hot an humid, already noticed a big change in temperature. I'm running now about 215 instead of 250! I'm not even going to put on parade fans now, I don't kneed them. Thanks guys your the best! Ever down this way look me up, we will go parasailing!

Bart Buntin
Lobo Del Mar

Great customer service

My black & silver oil filter arrived quickly with an extra gasket and a cool hat. It fit my 2006 Springer Classic perfectly, super easy to install, unlike the hassle of getting the stock filter off.

William L Nale

Very supportive, and they believe in their product

I couldn't believe the almost immediate performance difference in my 2005 Ultra Classic. The 96 Cid motor was producing more heat than the original 88 Cid motor, but the Ultracool cooler and high flow oil filter from Ultracool did as JJ, said lowered the temp 60 degrees. Very good product, JJ is very patient to make sure your 100% satisfied. They are very dedicated to customer service,support and technical support. Extremely glad I went with Ultracool and will for any bike in the future.

John Bain

Great product and excellent customer service!!!

This product is awesome and and it really dropped the temp by 40 degrees on my 2016 street glide with a stage 1 and true X pipe.

This should been a standard on HD back then.

I was going to the dealer install it and they told me they could not due to my HO charging system.

But that was not true as JJ walked me through it and FaceTime me and I was able to install it with no issues!!!!!

Great company!!!!

Thank you!!!!!!

Bud Kabbani

Fantastic Product's

I ordered the oil cooler system for my 2007 CVO Roadking about 2 years ago and have to say it works great . After a while I got to thinking about the cost of the oil filter every oil change , ( a K&N filter cost between $15 to $20 ) and decided to get the filter . Besides it'll pay for itself in the long run !! Great Products !

Robert Powell
Powell's Cycle Repair

cool riding

I installed the Ultra Cool and Flo filter on my 2013 Road King about two years ago and have had a remarkably improved performance with regards to heat. I live in Florida where summer riding easily reaches ambient temps above 90+ and when I see the blue light come on I know it is working.

Edison Adams

Cooler cvo road king

I installed the 3.0 cooler assembly on my 2013 cvo king and love the quality and performance of the system, even the harness was top notch, no cutting or splicing, plugged in everywhere for a nice clean install. I adder your oil filter for the complete package. Everything was delivered quicker than expected. Thanks !

Mark Farrow

Great product

I installed this on an 2016 FLHXS , knowing what high temps do to an engine when they get hot and the costs involved. Anything that helps cool engine in still air, is a no brainer for me. What I didn't expect was a product that was very well thought out, from the packaging to the final install. I did buy the extra harness which made it an no splice clean install. Thanks for an great USA product.

Chad Chapin

Great Hardware Kit to keep the RoadKing Cool

Purchased the side mounted cooler, Flo filter and Y128 multi-connection harness for my 2019 RoadKing Special, and must say I’m extremely pleased with the performance of the components! I installed the components myself within ~ 4 hours. The instructions were excellent, and the quality of the components are high quality. After installation, I commissioned the new components in some pretty heavy traffic in metro Houston area, with the ambient temperature in low-90’sF. Normally it takes about 15 minutes to get the oil temperature to 210F. After riding for about 25 minutes, I was getting concerned the LED light and fan were not operating. Then both kicked on and operating per design. I noticed at a few stoplights the engine heat was less than before installation of the cooler. The convection heat transfer of the twin fans work really well. Immediately after the ride was completed I measured the oil temperature in the oil tank - 225F. The next test will include some wide open interstate riding in the afternoon in mid-90F weather, and constantly measuring the oil temperature to see how the new cooler really performs! So far I’m pleased with the new components. The only item I wished they offered is a XXL shirt so I can wear it with my Harley gear in style!!!

Claren Thomas


7/23 /21 i just installed my Ultra Cooler on my 2013 Street Glide. road it in 5 pm traffic for about an hour .the fans and light came on two times and the oil never got over 220 ... IT ROCKS thanks.... ( start your wiring under the seat not at the switches and fans)

Steve Becker
Becker Enterprise

A great upgrade!

I ride a 2016 Dyna FXDBC Street Bob Special Edition (Limited) 103 Twin Cam, fitted with Arlen Ness Big Sucker Stage 1 air cleaner, V&H Twin Slash slip-ons and the Power Vision fuel tune. Since the PV installed, I have the display reading of the Engine Temp (ET), which in open-road summer day condition used to reach 300°F. Once in an 85-90°F hot day 1st-2nd gear stop&go extreme city traffic the ET reading was showing not less than 360°F, which made me quite alerted. So I started to seek for a solution to cool down my engine operating temperatures and came across the UltraCool system combining the oil cooler with the fan-assisatance.
Part of the kit was the oil filter mounting adapter to accommodate the oil lines to the cooler, and the FLO stainless steel re-usable oil filter with billet finned housing.
My e-mail communication with JJ from UltraCool prior to placing an order was great: promt responsing, very patient with all my questions and always extremely helpful and supportive.
The supplied step-by-step installation instructions are excellent and very clear. The actual job, however, was not really a breeze, but that was not due to the product design, but due to my bike configuration: unwilling to quit a frame chin spoiler I had to opt for a downtube side installation, but with forward controls and the crash bar, it was rather difficult to find a suitable position of the oil cooler. I had to replace the shift linkage rod with a shorter one to move the front shift lever a bit backward to get it out from the way of the oil lines, but finally it took just one afternoon.
I installed the UltraCool in mid September and the indian summer days to come were not that hot anymore as the previous months (max about 80°F ambient), so I had no chance to experience the extreme hot day stop&go city traffic, but anyway very promising... After the installation and a 1,000 miles experience I never reached the engine hotter than 280°F - the fans go on reliably at ET 275°F and switch off when it drops back to 260°F (indicated by the Power Vision display).
As the UltraCool system has no thermostat but just a temperature sensor switch located at the oil filter adaptor housing, I suppose the temp discrepancy comes from the ET sensor sending to the Power Vision is located somewhere inside the engine, so indicates a bit higher temp than the fan switch is turning them on... (?) But anyway, I can confirm the ET reduction of about 30-40°F in "normal" hot day condition but the most important thing for me is that the UltraCool does not allow the ET to rise over the critical levels and keeps the oil fill protected from heat degradation and my engine from damage.
Highly recommended product and definitely worth the money spent.

Filip Haderer


I was a skeptic of all oil coolers but was I ever WRONG! The Ultracool and oil filter kit brought my oil temp down on average 45/50 degrees. I live in SoCal and have a 5 mile dirt/sandy road to get to my ranch. My 2015 Roadking on a hot day the oil temp would reach 290 / 298 way to hot. Now on the hottest day this year my oil temp was 248 and most times never tops 228.. I purchased the chrome grill bottom mount which fit perfectly with my 21 inch rim and looks GREAT and it works!! Great Purchase, Great Product. My only complaint is that I didn’t buy it sooner, as I said I was a skeptic. I love the kit and led light that lets you know fan is on. I custom mounted mine in the Roadking dash and it looks awesome. Thank You Ultracool!!!

Eugene Testman

Best Purchase I have made for my Trike!

I installed the Ultra Cool oil cooler on my 2019 Harley Tri Glide Ultra with a stage two 114 M8 engine. My test ride after installation was in 106 degree heat from Lake Havasu City to Kingman Arizona. It handled this heat fantastic. While on the freeway at 70mph the Heat Exchanger fans never came on. The cylinder temperature I captured was 210. After exciting onto surface streets the fans activated and once stopped, cylinder temperatures were 248. The return trip the air temperature was 112 degrees and cylinder temperatures were 245 with the cool fans not activated until exiting the freeway. The fans then came on and cylinder temperature at shut down was 238 with the Heat Exchanger at 188. This is the best purchase I have made for my Trike.


Awesome addition

I live in the sunny south and it has been one hot summer. Purchased the Ultracool for my 2011 Roadking Classic. Oil temp was running really hot in traffic and on very long rides. Since I put the Ultracool on the temp has yet to go above 220°. BTW I love the blue LED that let's you know when the fans are running. Easy to install yourself and great directions. I would also recommend the FLO reusable filter.

Stephen L Brown

UltraCool Oil Cooler/Flo Oil Filter Combination

I have reviewed my oil cooler, I’d like to add the city riding difference with the UltraCool oil cooler and Flo cleanable oil filter combination. City riding stop and go traffic at 90° ambient temperatures. Before the oil filter city riding the oil temperature held steady at 230°. With the Flo cleanable oil filter, I now run a steady 220° I’m very satisfied with the temperature reduction. Before the Flo oil filter, I sent an oil sample to Blackstone Laboratories for an oil analysis. It came back with flying colors. I have almost 3,000 miles on the oil with the Flo oil filter. I will be sending another sample to Blackstone Laboratories and letting them know of the oil filter change. I feel very strongly that the oil sample will come back with the same results. I’m not a lubrications engineer, but I do understand how engine oil Flows through an oil filter when the oil is cold. Very little is filtered, with the Flo oil filter in place there is much more oil being filtered because of the 30 micron screen. So little to no oil being filtered when cold to a real good percentage of oil being filtered. When the oil reaches operating temperatures there is a lot more oil being filtered at highway speeds. A 10° difference means a lot to me. I will share my findings on my next report from Blackstone Laboratories good or bad. 2009 FLHX Harley Davidson Street Glide.

Anthony J Caiati

Best purchase I ever made!

I live in an area that is known for big tourist crowds (Smoky Mountains) and during the summer months up here, it can get pretty miserable riding into either Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge Tennessee or Helen Georgia, I purchased this unit and installed it and took my bi monthly ride into Helen to go eat and was amazed at how well it worked! Normally I am sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and cooking my thighs and listening to my motor get clunky, but not this time! The unit worked flawless and I had no issues with my legs or the motor cooking, I would highly recommend this product to anyone! Thanks UltraCool!

Joey L.

Ultra Cool

I have used a Ultra Cool on my bike for the last 9 years It has help keep my oil cool here in South Carolina as the temperature reaches over 100 degrees in the summer I have recommended it to a lot of my friends Worth the money


UltraCool Oil Cooler/Flo Oil Filter Combination

I have reviewed my oil cooler, I’d like to add the city riding difference with the UltraCool oil cooler and Flo cleanable oil filter combination. City riding stop and go traffic at 90° ambient temperatures. Before the oil filter city riding the oil temperature held steady at 230°. With the Flo cleanable oil filter, I now run a steady 220° I’m very satisfied with the temperature reduction. Before the Flo oil filter, I sent an oil sample to Blackstone Laboratories for an oil analysis. It came back with flying colors. I have almost 3,000 miles on the oil with the Flo oil filter. I will be sending another sample to Blackstone Laboratories and letting them know of the oil filter change. I feel very strongly that the oil sample will come back with the same results. I’m not a lubrications engineer, but I do understand how engine oil Flows through an oil filter when the oil is cold. Very little is filtered, with the Flo oil filter in place there is much more oil being filtered because of the 30 micron screen. So little to no oil being filtered when cold to a real good percentage of oil being filtered. When the oil reaches operating temperatures there is a lot more oil being filtered at highway speeds. A 10° difference means a lot to me. I will share my findings on my next report from Blackstone Laboratories good or bad. 2009 FLHX Harley Davidson Street Glide.

Anthony J Caiati

Too Cool for Rules

2007 FLHTCU with a 2019 Roadsmith Trikes conversion. 2020 engine upgrade from 96 c.i. to the Screaming Eagle 110 c.i.

Living in South Florida, especially in the summer with 98* temps and 90% humidity, engine over-heating is always a concern. A typical day would see my oil temp north of 260* with very low oil pressure at stoplights.

When the 96c.i. engine finally failed and I elected to upgrade my motor, oil temp/viscosity was foremost in my mind. I had done my homework looking at jug coolers and true fan assisted oil heat exchangers. My decision to go with an oil H.E. with the retrofit oil filter was well advised by several Harley mechs.

I installed the 3.0 and must say it is as advertised. My first ride was mid-day in 88*/60% and try as I might, the oil temp never went above 230* and while moving settled around 210*. The best part is that while sitting at a red light, my oil pressure was 26 psi at idle. And, getting the oil out there into the slipstream is quite advantageous.

I am extremely happy to recommend the UltraCool 3.0 to any Big Twin owner. The folks at PC Racing/UltraCool were patient in answering my questions, are technologically savy and were a delight to work with.

John Wampler

Works Great, Easy Install!

2008 Rocker C - 124" S&S Power Package
Installed 3.0 UltraCool cooler and FLO Oil Filter, easy installation.
Great customer service. Love to ride in the Swiss Alps and vent kicks in when engine gets too hot. Works perfectly.

I would recommend the 3.0 UltraCool Unit and the FLO filter!


Great investment

I got the 3.0 unite installed on my 15 StreetGlide during the winter.
I work alot, and today was the first time I put over 100 miles with the unit..
Very impressed when i drive into town, to get gas..
The unit turn on right away to cool down the 103 motor..
If feel that i made a smart investment with your product...

Thank You,

Nick Arrizola from Austin, Minnesota

Nick Arrizola


Went on a ride 3 weeks ago, 150 mile round trip, including riding thru a couple communities. My max oil temp was in the 290's.

Installed this cooler, repeated the same round trip, to test the cooler. I expected my max temp might go down to 260, I am in awe, my max temp was 225, and that was more from me testing the system at 90+ mph on the way home.

I recommend this cooler for any Harley!

Anthony M Slatton

Works like a champ

I put the ultra cool on my soft tail about two weeks ago and could not be happier. It hit 106 dreg here in Az. and I took the bike to work. It did great no clutch fade no loss of power wish I would have bought it a year ago. by the way I ride a 2019 heritage.

dale Lee hedgcoth

Totally awesome Product and Service Great People!!!!

2011 Trii Glide
Installed 3.0 UltraCool cooler and FLO Oil Filter
Well built high end materials easy to follow instructions, Great customer service and help if you need it just a phone call away!
Installed this kit myself with no issues, out performs the factory cooler?
And filter for sure! Just what I needed to keep my Trike Cool with the Summer Heat coming on, was 100 dg. F today when I went for my test ride after the install after aprioximenly 10 miles of Town and Highway riding on came the Blue LED yep The UltraCool 3.0 was doing its job after another 10 to 15 miles I took it back home to check the oil temp. Spence I don’t have a oil temp gauge on board (yet) checked the oil and temp with a temperature gun it was 236 dg. F big drop from what it used to be the reason I got this cooler was past check it was running 280 dg.F ouch , my first Trike new they run hot but this definitely helped!

Yes I would recommend the 3.0 UltraCool Unit and the FLO filter!!!!

Thomas A.Holman

Ultra Cool Oil Cooler Review

2010 Ultra Glide 40K. The bike always runs hot in warm weather. Over the years I tried 3 different fans , all it does is blow hot air and NEVER reduces oil temperature. My dealership had HD Oil Cooler $399 plus $300 labor plus oil and filter. After all in about $800Plus....... Then I found UltraCool Oil Cooler, I was hesitant at first. I studied the ONLINE install instructions and it looked pretty simple. Also Youtube videos are very good. I am pretty handy so I figured I can take a chance. The install was so simple that I kept thinking I was missing something. The 3.0 system comes 90% together. I was a VERY easy install. I'm only sorry I did not purchase this years ago. The first ride I took after the I kept watching my Oil Temp Gauge wondering if that blue light was going to come on. Then as soon as the oil was up to temp the Blue light was on, fans kicked in and the oil temp drop 20% in a 5 - 10 minutes. I highly recommend the product. It is well built and a easy install. I called C/S twice with questions about the wiring and they were extremely knowledgeable and helpful. If you have a HOT Harley buy this product. Thank you to all thy guys at UltraCool.

Oil cooler HD Springer

Sense I installed the oil cooler, my bike stays a lot cooler, and I no longer have the no start problem after a long ride. Great cooler, good fit. I'll be adding one to my dresser next.

Thomas Peariso


The UltraCool oil cooler WORKS! Very satisfied, and very pleased with its function. It does the job, I like all the components involved that makes up the complete system. I no longer worry about how hot the engine is running.I can't ask for anything more, I'm happy and feel good about my choices to help keep my rides engine cooler than normal. Thank you ULTRACOOL

Anthony J Caiati

Ultracool For 2009 FLHX

I am pleased to let you know that this past Saturday 20 July, 2019 leaving from the Gatlinburg, TN area to Virginia Beach, VA the ambient temperatures reached 99° on the way home. I have an Ultracool Oil Cooler on my 2009 FLHX Street Glide, the oil temperature ran between 220° and 230° on the highways. I’d say that’s pretty good for an air cooled engine running at 2,700 RPM’s steady for two and a half hours at a time. We had to stop for gas every 150 miles because my co rider couldn’t go over 170 on a tank of gas. I’m sharing this with you with the hopes you can put it in your Ultracool reviews. We hit several heavy rainstorms, and the oil temperature dropped 40° when the cooler got wet with the water from the roads. I know the dual fans do the right job in standing traffic, there’s no doubt without fans it would be a different outcome. An oil cooler with fans for an air cooled engine is the way to go. I am glad I chose the Ultracool Oil Cooler.
NOTE; I sent this into Ultracool asking if they would publish my testimony. I was given the web address to submit it on my own. I am happy to do so. The only thing I did differently in the wiring is, I ran the 12 volts to a new accessory switch first so I could shut the fans off before starting the engine. Once the engine is running I turn the switch on and forget it and let the sending unit control the fans after that. I shut everything off I can before starting my engine. My photograph was taken on The Tail of the Dragon heading south on 129. 311 curves in 11 miles.

I hope this helps everyone who reads this.

Thanks for reading

Anthony J. Caiati

Just awesome

I had this put on a 2019 Harley Road Glide, and the fitment, look are just awesome. The fan are no computer fans as I saw some comment in another review, these things kick a~~, I love the blue led that integrated very well on the handlebar. Works quick at lowering oil temp.
The customer service is the absolute best I have ever come across in any business. J.J. was very friendly, personable and helpful. Thank you !

steve yribe

Ultracool For 2009 FLHX

I am pleased to let you know that this past Saturday 20 July, 2019 leaving from the Gatlinburg, TN area to Virginia Beach, VA the ambient temperatures reached 99° on the way home. I have an Ultracool Oil Cooler on my 2009 FLHX Street Glide, the oil temperature ran between 220° and 230° on the highways. I’d say that’s pretty good for an air cooled engine running at 2,700 RPM’s steady for two and a half hours at a time. We had to stop for gas every 150 miles because my co rider couldn’t go over 170 on a tank of gas. I’m sharing this with you with the hopes you can put it in your Ultracool reviews. We hit several heavy rainstorms, and the oil temperature dropped 40° when the cooler got wet with the water from the roads. I know the dual fans do the right job in standing traffic, there’s no doubt without fans it would be a different outcome. An oil cooler with fans for an air cooled engine is the way to go. I am glad I chose the Ultracool Oil Cooler.
NOTE; I sent this into Ultracool asking if they would publish my testimony. I was given the web address to submit it on my own. I am happy to do so. The only thing I did differently in the wiring is, I ran the 12 volts to a new accessory switch first so I could shut the fans off before starting the engine. Once the engine is running I turn the switch on and forget it and let the sending unit control the fans after that. I shut everything off I can before starting my engine. My photograph was taken on The Tail of the Dragon heading south on 129. 311 curves in 11 miles.

I hope this helps everyone who reads this.

Thanks for reading

Anthony J. Caiati

Beating the Texas Heat

Riding a big inch fully built air-cooled V-Twin Harley in Texas comes with certain challenges. The biggest is overcoming the additional heat that is created when you chase big HP and Torque numbers. Knowing this, I was already prepared (I thought) to win the Battle. Armed with a Screaming Eagle Oil Pan that adds an additional 1.5 quarts of Red Line 20W-60 to the crankcase, Love Jugs cooling fans and a basic oil cooler, I started my break in period. Shortly into my initial ride on a motor build that consumed all of $6K, I got caught in a traffic jam. Oil temp hit 245 degrees with in 2 minutes. I pulled over, shut it down and waited for the oil to cool and traffic to clear before turning around and heading home. Since the only weak link was the less than efficient oil cooler, I ordered a Reefer 3.0 Fan-assisted Cooler and a FLO reusable oil filter.
After a 4 hour install, I headed out for a second break in attempt. SUCCESS! Oil temp stayed between 190-220. This Cooler works, period. Even though I created my own Heat Monster problem, the Ultra Cool product was the only component that did what it advertises. It works. Get one. You will never regret it

Bruce Smith

Simply the best!

I am 200% pleased with UltraCool for the past 3 years. So much so that I upgraded my front mount to side mount to accommodate adding a chin spoiler on my 2015 Street Bob Limited Edition. The quality, fit, efficiency of cooling, and customer service is the best in the industry. I don’t know why people spend so much on their bikes and don’t consider protecting their investment. This should be the first mod in my opinion. They know how to take care of customers and that is important to me beyond the purchase. I never had a single problem and it’s so easy to install. Thank you J.J. and UltraCool. You have a customer for life.

Craig Toyooka
Kamakura, Japan

Craig Toyooka

2014 Tri Glide Ultra Limited

The Reefer 3.0 exceeded all expectations. I’ve always had overheating problems with my trike. We have year round temps between 90 – 100F; mountainous terrain; and more than our share of city traffic. It is (was) so bad that I had to carry bottles of water with me on every ride to cool off the motor. Not only would I lose my clutch, there have been times the motor would lock up. I installed a set of Luv Jugs but they proved to do very little if anything.

On my first ride (300 miles) out with the Reefer 3.0 I did everything I could to make my trike over heat. It never did. In addition to no clutch issues the trike performed much better. A great deal of thanks goes out to Earl for keeping me informed of the progress of the 3.0 and to Larry and J.J. for their support.

Stefan Babb

I love everything about it!

Quick note about the product; Instruction are clear and easy to follow, product is excellent in quality and easy to install, and the customer service is better yet.


Ultracool on 2002 H-D Night Train

Installed the Ultracool on my 2002 FXSTBI and I'm seeing a drop of around 20-25 degrees. Would recommend, No leaks or issues and its performed great. The install was a few hours but I wanted to take my time and make sure everything was torqued and leak free. The tubing wrench socket they provide is a lifesaver!

Kelly Wardlaw

I have a 2010 Harley 107 With the California side car 3 Wheeler kit Just got back from a ride 90゚ out Check oil temperature at oil filter 190゚ I could tell the difference I will be putting them on my friends bikes next .

Randy Olson

UltraCooler Excellent Product and Great Support Team

I have a 2011 HD Trike and installed the UltraCooler on it this winter. Did the work myself and when I had questions and called for help, I got the answers I needed. Excellent group of people to talk and work with at UltraCool. The product works as expected. I recommend the product to anyone looking to improve the overall performance of their motorcycle.

Steve Bryant

Great Product...Even Better Customer Service

Being only a fair and infrequent wrench on my 07 Road King I decided it was time for a oil cooler. After considerable research bought an UltraCool unit, and struggled a bit with the install. Called and was given excellent help and advice which made the job go very well. Finished and ran the bike hard to get the full effect on my modified 96 motor. Great results and when the fans kicked on the temp immediately dropped even in typical Sh#@@Y Wash DC beltway rush hour traffic. Highly recommend the products and company. Well worth the time and money.

Bob Allen
South County Auto Auction

Looks cool, and does cool

I’ve done a bunch of research on ways to keep my Harley’s running cool some where good just for stop an go traffic but did nothing once you started running.I wanted both that’s how I came to own what I feel is the best system for my bike!!! Now I did notice that where used a lot on bagers mine was going on a highly modified Dyna. My first thought was how was it going to look and how would the install go. Well the install was easy!!! Just follow the directions they were right on the money and if I had a question I went to there videos fantastic!!! Now for looks GREAT No one as even noticed it. Now my bike runs a lot cooler and I know that my engine is running protected good job Ultra Coool thank you S/s now hurry up and make one for my Sporty which is about to get some serious engine mods

Gary DeFrank Sr

Own a 2013 HLTK Ultra Limited, bike always ran hot in summer traffic. 2015 Sturgis traffic was murder on the oil temp. Researched all I could find, settled on UltraCool because of the 220cfm's of air moving across the heat-exchanger. No air, no cooling. Was a bit of job to install, tight fit with side pods in the way + I'm not as young as I once thought, lift definitely helps. All parts fit as advertised, videos were major help when running the oil lines. Thus far ***** rating.

Edward Sterling


Works as advertised! Here in Florida, your hide gets scolded at stop lights in the summer. Ultra Cool helps with Satan's breath on the thighs.

2013 RG with built Fuelmoto 107 engine. Ran hot in Honolulu town traffic even with CAT removed and Amsoil. Installed UltraCool... Rock Star results. Never goes above 235-240 Max. Also installed overpriced HD oil temp gage and trashed worthless air temp. So I'm real happy. Gunner

donovan mcmanus

I love the reefer oil cooler, it works perfectly and was easy to install! I had a problem with the one of the parts after my first oil change due to the shop I had working on my scoot and I dealt with their customer service to find a replacement. They were great, super helpful and friendly! I would highly recommend any of their products without hesitation based off their customer service alone! Thank you!

Joe Duvall

Staff was Wonderful!!!

I did a lot of research and finally settled on the UltraCool system. I’m so happy that did! I called to asked some questions before the purchase and got the answers I needed. The cooler came in less than a week. The directions were spot on and had it installed in less than three hours. The whole staff was extremely friendly and professional every time I called and had questions. Great product, Great Staff, and would highly recommend. Thanks!!!!!

Michael Kinder

Custom Bike Shop

Just letting you know I never had a problem with all the one's I put on the bikes I built. Well Made.AND IN THE U.S.A.

Thomas Merchant
Custom Harley Works

Super friendly & willing to do whatever you need

I needed the most cooling I could get for my Softail Slim S as I was also doing a major motor upgrade. I called Earl and he helped set me up with a Reefer kit which isnt available for my model. He sent the kit with extra parts to get the unit installed. After I made a custom bracket I called and Larry made some custom length hoses with special bends and threw in custom fittings. Try getting all this from the other guys.
All this service AND it works excellent on a high compression 130+ hp motor. This is well spent money from a great American company to protect allot of work and cash put into my ride.
Guys, stay cool this summer.

Roger Caron

What a GREAT Product

This UltraCool keeps my bagger so much cooler. Earl @ UltraCool is very helpful on any Questions you might have on your bike. Great Company and Great product for sure. oil and engine lifesaver.

Glen Campbell

Ultra cool is well worth the price

Ultra cool was an easy installation ,you need to follow instructions they gave you they are very accurate ,I had one problem with oil line next to the motor , it was hard to get in the right place and get it tight , but with a little work , I got it . That was the only problem that I had other than that I love the product works well and it does work real good with my love jugs . sincerely Robin

Robert Phillips

Great Product

I ordered the UltrCool Oil cooler for my 2006 Electra Glide Ultra Classic last week, it was a breeze installing it myself, I found the instruction's was done very well done, the two times I did call Larry, he was very friendly and helpful and answered my questions, my H.D. now runs a whole lot cooler now then it did. I have ordered the reusable oil filter kit. thanks again ultra cool I will be recommending this product to my fellow bikers

charles calderwood


bought this filter for my 2001 Springer softball. I was having oil pressure problems idling while in traffic with engine hot. I replaced my paper filter with the FLO filter and that's exactly what happened. the oil is FLOING in my Harley now like nobody's business. I really can't belive the gain in horsepower and overall performance of my Harley. I now have 12 pounds of oil pressure idling in traffic while engine is hot. INCREDIBLE RESULTS FROM THIS FILTER!!!! BUY!! BUY!!! BUY!!!!!

Dale Harmon

I own a 2014 softail deluxe CVO, converted it to a 117 c.i., and in doing this, it runs a lot hotter; easily into 300 deg. F.. I knew I would need an oil cooler , preferably an electric one, that would work while stopped in traffic. Before I bought an oil cooler for my bike, I did a lot of research on brands, types and price. I ultimately picked Ultracool and could not be happier with my decision. The quality of the materials are superior and the installation was fairly easy. I had a few questions on the installation, and all I did is call the company, and had my questions answered. They were very helpful and very friendly. They even offered to make hoses to match my bike!!! What company does that! Now that I have it on and have been using it, I am noticing around 30 degrees cooler in my oil temperature and less activation of the EITMS. The oil cooler fits between the down tubes and fits perfiectly... like it came on the bike from the factory. The blue LED is a bonus to let u know when it is on. One suggestion , they need to make their handlebar LED clamp in 1 1/4 in. and in 1 1/2 in. sizes because most handlebars are 1 1/4- 1 1/2 in. now. Luckily, there was a spot on my bike where there was already a hole where I could mount it. Otherwise I would have to figure something out, drill a hole somewhere or not use it. I would HIGHLY recommend this product for your motorcycle. You would not be disappointed !

Mark mohler

This is one of the best things I have done for my 2012 ultra 110 eagle,no hot legs no pinging no more noise anymore. Just the larger oil fins make a huge difference then the fans turn on and it is by by heat. this newest generation is even better then before. Wire's are better done and works great you will not re grate this purchase

Ed Wright

It was a snap to install on 07 flhrs. I do a lot riding in NYC COMMUTING. This really helped. A great quality product WELL though out to do it right the first time.
One thing the blue led has stopped working.

John Oates

Received ultracool kit right on time.With a discount on shipping. Very good packaging. Took about three hours total remove and install,and also clean up. Newer had the chance to go for a long ride, so I will have another review later

Ray Arsenault

Good Product

My bike is a 1992 FXR with a 127 CI Ultima Motor. The Ultra Cool Reefer Oil cooler has been installed for a few years. The oil temp on the highway is about 180 and in the city stop and go it is about 220. A digital gauge Dakota sensor unit is mounted in the tank and the gauge is on the handlebar next to the light that indicates the fans are running on the cooler. This is Central FL. There have been no issues what so ever until now with the thermal sensor failure. A new on is on the way. Am satisfied with this product and the reusable cleanable oil filter as well.

Bill Rebman

I have 2007 FLHTC Harley which was converted to a trike champion. Been running Amsoil in it for years before conversion kit ran cooler but not cool enough. But one of the first Ultram oil cooler. About 10° cooler ran. Couple months ago I called and asked what was the new coolers difference was. So I decided in getting the new Ultram cooler seen the big difference of 15° till 18° cooler in the unit looks like it's a lot a lot heavier very happy with. I live in Arizona so it is hot here running on the highway. I run oil temperature gauge on the highway runs around 220 and 210 in town is up to about 235 to 240 Max so I'm real happy

Melvin Mc Reynolds

Amazing product

I installed the softail oil cooler on my crossbones. What a difference in oil temp. I run a 122ci turbo engine and it keeps that in check. In traffic highest temp I've seen was 230f. I'd recomand this to anyone. I made my order online and the next day received a phone call to go over my order and save me money and re do my shipping to Canada to save money again. What company is going to call to say that! Greta guys to deal with I'll be ordering for my next bike for sure.

Daryl Bruneau

great product

I purchased the reefer 2.0 for my 2010 Harley Tri Glide Ultra Classic in May of 2017. This is the first time in traffic when it was hot outside that the back cylinder did not cut off in traffic because of heat. I am extremely pleased with the product and would recommend it to anyone it is the best thing i have added to my bike to reduce heat.

Michael Alexander

Great product had to order new fans had them in 2 days easy to install highly recommend this product

Ed Baer

This product works so well that when my motor took a dump I ordered the new updated version for the new motor when it gets installed. I am also very pleased with their customer service it is outstanding.

Shane Clausen

Great Product!

Installation of the Reefer Oil Cooler on my 2010 Ultra Classic was easy with no problems. I would highly recommend this product.

Joseph Mlynarski

Easy people to talk to

Very professional product. I have a 1997 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic. The Reefer installed perfectly,like it's suppose to be there from the factory. The oil lines and wiring very well done. Although their literature doesn't include Harleys before 1998, mine installed as a 98-99. The product also cost less than other comparable products that I checked.

Doug Smith

2 Awesome Kits

Pastor Vance Barton

I can give testimony and have experience 2 awesome kits both were perfect easy installs . Both bikes ran ultra- cooler looked ultra cooler and the best ultra cool is Earl himself he followed up after the sale he cares Sales 101 I'm a Believer in lots of things and i plant seeds and will continue to every chance I can . God bless him in life family and business.

Amazing Product

Amazing product! Great quality oil cooler. The whole team at UltraCool are very friendly and help you with any questions you have. Highly recommend on the fence thinking about getting an oil cooler because it really helps saves your engine. Thanks, UltraCool!


After Market Motorcycle Oil Coolers

Definitely recommend buying from this company. I have had an Ultra Cool unit on my 2007 Road Glide since August 2012 with no problems and it works perfectly. Recently ran over a large ground hog that wasn't fast enough to get out of the way and broke the grill in my cooler. Just got of the phone with Ultra Cool Rep and new grill is on the way with just a nominal cost for the replacement. Great product, great service and great people.

Steve Cummins

Great Service

I highly recommend buying from this company!!
I purchased a oil cooler for my Softail and had a minor issue.
I called the company and was put through to the tech department right away.
The person I spoke to was very knowledgeable and it was decided a new part would be sent to me it arrived 48 hrs later I put it on and all was fine.

It is rare today to find a company that stands behind its product and has a hassle free system to remedy problems.

Vic Harvey

Great Cooler

I have a 2005 FatBoy Harley. In May of 2010 I installed a larger engine in the bike. In warm weather the bike was constantly over heating going into parade mode when simply setting waiting for traffic signals to change. I installed an UltaCool oil cooler on the bike and it actually lowered the oil temp. by 60 degrees eliminating the problem. I just purchased a 2015 Road King with a factory 103 engine with all the same problems of over heating that the previous bike had. Installed an UltaCool oil cooler on the bike and it once again eliminated the problem. Absolutely no bull, Great Cooler

Wayne Held


I ride a 1993 FXR installed Reefer - no hassle at all, can drive in stop n go traffic forever no heat! Great service,great product!

Carlos Pessoa

Happy Happy Happy

Great product great service earls the best thanks again!

Mike G.

Service is Outstanding

Not only is it worth the money for the heat exchanger, the service is outstanding.
I was helped over the phone to solve my problem. Talking to Larry was like talking to my brother. Good company.

Joe T

Joe T

Well worth the money

Wow, where i begine? This product was very well thought out, took me about an hour to install ,it has dropped my temp by about thirty degrees, really easy instructions to use well worth the money! Thanks Earl for all the help, an see you down the road bro!  BART

No Disappointment Here

First harley 1992.Currently ride 2010 FLHX Screaming Eagle stage IV Street Glide bought new.I can't say enough good about the ultracool reefer.You buy it you won't be disappointed with the unit itself or the company.


Great service

Most every company is great during the sales process. How are they if a problem is encountered? Earl at Ultra Cool is an example of how everyone should be. I recently had a small problem with my Reefer 2.0 cooler during a long ride. Long story short, the parts were in my mailbox before I got home! My friends and me will be buying more coolers, that's for sure.

Thanks for great service.

Tom Michelena

What a great product

I just want to let you know how much we like your produts as we have been using them for years with always great resuts
Thank you

Robert Swartz
Rob`s Dyno Service

I love this product can't wait to ride this summer with it knowing my oil is not going to get so hot and shut down my rear cylinder easy installation and great instructions


Above and Beyond

Received your oil cooler and filter...... Yesterday !!!!   Fast service, Thank You. Installing today.  So far I like it and the filter.  My hobby is Bench rest gunsmithing

and extreme accuracy requires extreme machining.  The machining work on these units are sweet!  Customer service was above and beyond and I do mean above

and beyond.  My days are busy and to stop and do mail is a chore, but this deserves mentioning. Thank You again.

I own an 2008 ultra classic, living in the desert in Arizona it gets mighty hot in the summer months. my engine would be toast riding in 118 degree heat without ultra cool !!! ya gotta be tough if you wanna live out here in the west !

Paul mitchell

The best oil cooler on the. Market!

I installed Ultra cooler on my 2003 Ultra Classic FLHTCUI to replace another brand that was not working for me! I am glad I did, dropped temperature dramatically! I installed the FLO oil filter it raised my oil pressure at idle hot from 10 psi to 32 psi. That is even extra protection since the FLO filter flows oil 7 times faster than a paper filter and it pays for itself by not having to ever buy another oil filter! Add Amsoil and no more wording about hot oil, my fans have not come on yet! I do not know how hot it has to get outside before the cooling g fans come on but it must be real effing hot!

Randy James
- Select -


Thanks for the Best Effing Products! I appreciated your shipping service and consultation over the phone for this great product you sell! It has really helped beat the heat on my 2003 Ultra Classic the Flo Oil filter is the best, it has increased my idle oil pressure when hot from 10 psi to 32 psi! I have read about others installing fueling oil pumps to increase oil pressure when your Flo filter actually pays for itself since i do not replace oil filter now! Thank you for one of the most innovative products on the market! A nice looking package, every part from the hoses to wiring to Flo filter is top shelf! It takes the worry out of aircooled engines! Thanks again for a great product? I would be interested in installing these packages in my area!

2000 FLHR 103CI

After building my 88CI to 103CI decided that an oil cooler was needed,after researching coolers on the internet I made my choice and went with Ultra-cool, cooler went on with no problem only had one issue,contacted Larry and he was very helpful.I talked to him on Tuesday and on Thursday my new thermal switch arrived, installed switch, problem solved. Excellent customer service.

Thank you,
Thomas L. Smith

Thomas L Smith

Reefer 2.0 Harley Oil Cooler is a must in summer heat and heavy trafic on air cooled Harley motors! It's a great feeling seeing the green light come on knowing fans are cooling oil! Several friends have installed one after seeing how great mine works!

Brian Scott

2016 FXDLS

My 2016 Low Rider S is now ready for the Missouri summer heat, stop and go traffic and hard riding thanks to Larry and UltraCool!

Dan V

Best way to cool down for the summer

Ok, lets get to this. I am an Arizona resident and with the heat of the summer months upon us, i invested in the UltraCool Reefer - 2. First ride with the installed unit was at its best, outstanding. i had no rear cylinder shut down within city traffic and climbing to an elevation of 9000 ft., the fans came on, kept the bike running smooth and cool. Friends that ride with me are also investing in this product. THANK YOU ULTRACOOL!!!

Scott Peraino

The hotter the better

I highly recommend the product to anybody that rides long miles or long hours, I've had three on several of my bikes and it works incredible especially in desert climates or long rides during the summer also extends my oil quite a bit more and less stress on my engine, best investment you can make for your motorcycle!

The perfect answer to your Hot Bike

Before I purchased Ultracool I would have to stop for 15 or 20 minutes at a time going into the Daytona Race track for bike week . After I installed this unit this year putted right in and bike never got over 215 degrees even on I-4 after over an hour in stalled traffic . Bike generally runs now 185 to 200 degrees all around riding . This is the extra hot 88 twin cam efi .

Neil Lundell

I bought a 2012 HD trike with the Ultra Cool.
The fan did not work and had no idea how it worked. I called the company and they were very helpful. They sent me new fans and wires free. I put it all together and I Love it. Keeps my bike cool. Thank You UltraCool

Bill Vos

Nothing short of amazing!!

Nothing short of amazing!!

After doing multiple trips to California, Florida, and the mid west, my bikes performance, reliability, and overheating were at the forefront of my headaches...Bottom line up front, heard about the Ultra Cool and seeing the actual results on a couple of bikes, I was compelled to get one. Nothing short of amazing - well worth the money, well built, and continually keeps my bike at an optimum operating temperature... Thanks Earl for a great product.

Shawn Gassaway

Great support

Ordered my second Ultracool. Had a Ultracool on my Softail but traded it in on a Electra glide. Living in South Carolina the heat takes a toll on the motor in traffic so I order another cooler for the Electra. After a little mixup by the post office the cooler arrived. Several calls to Ultracool where made trying to track down the package. They were great in making every effort to correct the problem even though it was not their fault. Thanks again for standing behind a great product!

Jim Tansey

One of the best upgrades I have made to my 2012 Heritage

This thing is the ultimate oil cooler I have come across in the 50 + years I have been riding. It looks fantastic, not bulky and over bearing. The lines compliment the bike instead of taking away from it. As far as cooling, there is no doubt I can feel the difference. The bike runs so much better smoother and yes, cooler. And the kicker, it is made in The U.S.A. I don't think you can find a better product to do the job of keeping your bike safe from oil temperature problems.Well worth the money!

Daniel Svach

So Much more than I expected..... This is a performance plus cooler

After doing a fair amount of research, I chose the UltraCool for my jacked up 08 Ultra Classic. Upon receipt I immediately unpacked the cooler and the Flow Oil Filter. I was really amazed at the great job these guys did in designing the packaging.... a sign of great things to come. I carefully examined all the parts and components and was extremely pleased with my purchase so far. Everything was very well manufactured and meticulously finished. I am a bike builder and had one on the stove that had to get finished so I had to wait a few weeks to install it. I could hardly wait to get it installed as it was already getting in the mid-90s here in the Phoenix area and my machine really needed a cool down.

I carefully read the instructions and viewed their online video. It all seemed very straight forward so I dug in. I can honestly say, this was the best documented installation instructions ever. From start to finish it took me 3 hours including getting the hog on the lift and ready to operate. Everything went like clockwork, it was a happy installation. The only thing I did contrary to the instructions was to remove the regulator first. I also installed the grille after the bike was off the lift so the forks could be moved to one side to accommodate the easy 2 bolt cover install (a fender clearance thing).

The AN fittings and braided fitted hoses made this the most desirable unit by itself, but the quality of the cooler, adaptor and other components gives this top honors.

I am running 10.75 comp, 588 cams, 58 MM injector/body, SE HD CNC ported heads, 1/4 in. stroke, 103 in SE Jugs and a few other things that when fully loaded makes her run on the warm side. In fact last fall the girl just had a hissy fit in stop and go at 108 degrees and pinged and farted like a crazy bitch.

Way too much bucks invested not to get a quality cooler before it warmed up this year. I tested the operation of the cooler system by installing the shunt and the fans ran and the light came on. First time out the temp was 95 so I figured I would see how much it would drop the oil temp. WOW, before the cooler and filter, I was running 245 but after it was a cool 165 - 170 and the fans never came on to assist.

The true test came last weekend. I filled the bags full of stuff and packed my girl for a 150 mile trip from 1200 ft. to 6500 ft. elevation deep into the White Mountains. It was a little cooler but the oil temp never went over 215 and the fans never had to come on to assist. Despite the full load and a lot of heavy throttle on big hills this cooler did much more than I possibly expected.

I highly recommend this cooler for anybody that wants superior craftsmanship, top performance and overall total satisfaction. PS. go for the finned billet oil filter too, it is an awesome pair and adds additional cooling.

Stu Keller

Best Cooling Buy For Your Dollar- Ultra Cool

I purchased my Ultra Cool the end of January 2017. I installed it the first week in February. The install went well, although I recommend a lift if you have one available. I have been waiting to review the Ultra Cool until the Florida heat started to kick-in. The unit is on my '04 Ultra Classic- and the old glide really likes it! I was caught in a traffic jam on a very warm Spring day. Normally the bike starts running rough standing still in traffic. Well, Ultra Cool fans kicked on and kept my bike running smooth as can be. I checked around before buying the Ultra Cool. It honestly performs as claimed. I feel it offers the best bang for the buck. SO, if you are considering a great system to cool your bike, you found it with Ultra Cool! Thanks Earl for your tech tip!!

Steve Clark

I bought a 2014 Street Glide new and the first thing i noticed different from my old bike was the heat coming off the engine. I'd ride with my knees winged out to keep them from getting to hot. I've known Earl for quite a few years, and he kept trying to get me interested in putting one of his coolers on. I was dragging my feet because the other oil coolers i've seen don't look good. About 2 months after i got my bike, Earl shows up on the same year and model bike as mine. "He's always wanted to be like me." He had his cooler on his bike and it looked good, it flowed with the bike and didn't stick out like a sore thumb. So i purchased one and i've been real happy with it. It looks good, my bike runs noticeably cooler, i'm not cooking my knees anymore. It's a good product and it fits in with the style of the bike. Kurt Billingsley

Kurt Billingsley

Great product Great Company

Went to Daytona Bike week last year and had to shut my bike down and let it cool down time after time as temperatures got up to 250+ decided I had to do something on this 15 year old 60,000 mile H.D. heritage softail 88 twin cam EFI . So I did extensive research online jug fans , oil coolers with no fans , other fan forced oil coolers and choose Ultacool . Rode over to Daytona bike week again this year 4 times dead stopped traffic for hours like everyone knows and even in the worse log-jam on I-4 going in NEVER got above 230 degrees and as soon as I got some moving again went down to 220 . Usually runs at 190 to 205 on even the hottest day with light stop and go .

Neil Lundell

Stop looking; you found the right one

This is a very good company which manufactures a very good product, certainly holds to the meaning of “Made in America”. The first thing which stands out is the weight of the cooler opposed to the stock Harley cooler that I removed, which gave me confidence in the quality by not scrimping on the materials. In talking to Earl and Larry I not only found them very knowledgeable of the product and industry but also easy to work with. After purchasing the unit but before I could install it, my trike ended up back in the shop for a second engine rebuild due to oil related issues, odometer only has 31,000 miles. I’m not sure if they were being gracious or just felt sorry for me but they extended my warranty by several months to start when I was able to install the cooler.
I would describe my mechanical experience as a “shade tree mechanic” 30 years ago but haven’t done much since. The installation was relativity easy with no leaks and everything functioning fine. Due to the fact I had upgraded my stator and in turn my voltage regulator I did have to put a notch in the mounting bracket, but due to the fact the material is of such a heavy gauge I was able to do so without compromise. I do not know exactly how much cooler my trike is running (won’t know until the summer) but I can tell that there is a huge improvement when I am riding, and it also takes longer to warm up which is when the fans are not even running. I also like the fairing light that tells me when the fans are running because of everything I have been through up until now I am still very conscientious of what is going on.
For anyone considering buying a cooler; stop right here with Ultracool, you have already found the right one.

Henry Lynch

Family & Friends

I had done a lot of online research about oil coolers & I kept coming back to the Ultra Cool product. When I called & spoke with Earl he helped answer all of my questions. After talking for a few minutes we discovered our last names were the same. We shared some of our family history. I ask Earl another tech question & Earl says let me ask Larry. I remembered Larry's name from the online videos & was like cool the guy who help design this product really is hands on with the company. Now about the oil cooler my bike is a 2008 street glide 96 ci recently added the 110 tire shredder kit from HD. The bike would reach temps of 300 plus. After installing the Ultra Cool oil cooler my bike never runs hotter then 240. Summer is approaching soon & I cant wait to put it to the summer heat test I feel confident that the cooler will do fine. Also I installed the FLO Oil filter per Earl's advise.I will post a summer update soon. We will also be promoting Ultra Cool Products every where we ride. GREAT PRODUCT BACKED BY GREAT PEOPLE. Ps I will have pic's come summer


Nop Notch Customer service

I have to say that the customer service at Ultracool has been excellent! i had some clips that were broken when i received my oil cooler. no big deal, ill send them an email and wait for a response in a couple day, NOPE, about 15 mins later my phone is ringing and it was Earl from Ultracool calling me to get the details. after a very informative conversation with Earl about the clips and some of the product testing that is done over there, he promptly got the clips shipped out to me.
on to the oil cooler, it was pretty easy to install. i really like the braided screw on hoses, made install quick and painless. the dual fans really rock. when those fans kick on i know that my bike is going to cool down. another plus about the ultracool is that there is plenty of room behind incase you want to upgrade your engine mount to a predator mount. i mostly commute on my bike, but sometimes i get stuck in traffic and so far the ultracool has been able to keep up and keep my engine cool in the houston bumper to bumper. thanks a lot Earl!

donald pollard

Best cooler on the market

I have a 2010 flhx street glide that has been pumped up to a strong 110 with with big valve C&C ported heads, 58mm intake bigger injectors cams high volume oil pump and bunch of other work and after dyno tuning the bike it was running pretty hot so I installed the reefer cooler and the temps dropped almost 50 degrees from what it had previously been running the bike produced more powder and runs a little quieter since the oil is not like water anymore. I would recommend this cooler to anyone even if you have a stock bike. It's better than the one from Harley and keeps your engine cool and happy when setting in traffic. It also helps to extend the life of your engine because you don't get near the thermal break down of the oil because it's running cooler

Steve Johnson

I a Britisj Aircraft engineer living in Goa India and have a Street Bob which I have always had concerns about getting very hot in traffic. I purchased the fan assisted cooler over a Harley part as fans good for slow riding or start stop traffic. When I came to install not able to fit as I have the engine guard installed (must have in India). Tje fix eas to move the mounting holes forward on the bracket. This allowed the oil lines to clear the guard mounting hardware. Please for future buyers either make a slot or two sets of holes. Other than this very happy bike runs cooler and only took a few hours to install even counting hole relocation.


Renewing American Trust!

I bought my ultracool through J&P Cycles, and was told through their website that it would fit my 2000 FLSTS. After calling Ultracool about it not fitting my bike, I was told that J&P had sent me an older version, and that an upgraded one would be sent right away! This included a better wrench, and a mounting bracket, along with new gaskets, all for very little cost to me! They were very apologetic on J&P's part, and it was all a very good experience. Love my Ultracool, and will come in handy during the very hot summer months here in So. Texas!

Ron Hildreth

Great experience

I have Road King Classic 2012. I purchased UltraCool cooling system because air temperatures in summer in Croatia are about 100-104 and oil in motorcycle before cooling system was about 280-300. After very simple installation of UltraCool cooling system max oil temp. is about 230-235 so the system works absolutely perfect. Aftermarket support service with Earl and Larry works amazing so I recommend this product for everybody who wants to extend life of his bike.


Robert Mostarcic

Well I have been looking for an oil cooler for my 2008 Harley FatBob since Aug, well some one on a Facebook group shared Ultracools website information and I'm glad they did. I called and talked to a tech named Larry last week, man the guy knows his stuff. Must coolers only work when your moving and air is going thought the cooler, this one has 2 fans controlled by there switch in the housing. Only need to get one power wire from your bike ( they even tell you were it is ) They even supply the crows foot tool to help you tighten the Aircraft style lines ( No rubber hoes here with screw type Hose clamps ) well the kit showed up today. I'm impressed they did not cheap out on build quality with this kit. No cheap tin or brass cooler here, looks to be cast Alum. If your looking for an oil cooler that fits your bike, looks good and works when the bike is stopped in traffic. You need to talk to These guys. I'm putting in a Brand new Harley Crate 120r motor right now and I feel much better about it running cooler now with this kit. Thanks Larry, and the tech I talked to today ( sorry I did not get your name ) for building a great kit that I feel ( As a mechanic) that well do its job well and for a long time. Even comes with a 1 year warranty. These guys I feel have done it right. Cheaper than the Harley kit and comes with 2 fans mounted to the cooler. What more do you want????

Bob Lewis

What a great company

I got my oil cooler a couple of weeks ago and installed it with not to many dramas, just a few issues. Will recommend this to my friends.
Thanks Larry

Geoff Lloyd

Earl is great

I just purchased my first HD, a 2005 Ultra Classic with only 13,500 miles on is . I do live in Arizona so I felt the bike would benefit from the use of a cooler... Glad I found "Ultra Cool", Nice guys to deal with; I ordered the wrong cooler. I spoke with Earl arrangements were made for the exchange, no hassle! They waived the shipping charge on the initial purchase. Now its on the bike and working. I think they named the product after Earl "Ultra Cool"

Bernie W. Miller

Excellent Customer Service & Technical Support

I installed there unit on my 2012 H-D Heritage Softail Classic back in May of 2016 and it was the best thing I ever put on my bike . In the summer heat of New Jersey Traffic my bike would run 230 to 250 but this summer it ran around 200 to 220. I now have 5000 miles on the the cooler and no leaks and no problems at all . I would recommend these coolers because the oil cooler is made well with good grade hoses and fittings. But the best thing is I don’t get the power loss that comes with the hight engine temp on those 95 deg days . Tech support was great to , they answered all my questions on the installation .

Thanks Guys ,Joe

Joseph Steffel

A company that cares about bikes and the people who ride them

I have an 09 FLHX with an all S&S top end 106. 48,000 miles.
The motor is ridden hard and has always been protected and cooled by an Ultra Cool Oil cooler. The unit always keeps my temp stable at 235-240 no matter what.

I just purchased the newest refrigerator because I was an idiot and removed my cooler to address an adaptor leak. The adaptor continued to leak after I tightened it and instead of replacing the gasket, I removed the whole system and impulsively threw it all in the garbage!

Next day I went out and my temps were 275-280 degrees. I realized I screwed up big time. I called Earl and he gave me several options. I decided to go with what I know and to take his recently upgraded Refrigerator unit with bigger fans, and new and improved adaptor gasket. The old unit was great so with bigger fans.??? I'm in!

This guy is a gem and took the time to talk sense to me and hook me up again. Ultra Cool Rules "As Does his customer service and his people." All are top notch folks.


Excellent Customer Service & Technical Support


I finally got around to replacing the gasket on the 07 FLTR.

Man, you nailed it!.

When I removed the oil filter there was visible movement on the adapter.

I went to the ultracool web site but was not able to get to the "review" page presumable because of DNS hack issues.

You know your stuff and I have never seen a company that has better customer service after the sale than Ultra Cool.

You sent me everything necessary to fix the leak and then some. Gaskets,hose removal tool, screws, lock washers and even threw in some locktite. On top of all that Ultra Cool offered technical support if needed.

Earl, business should take note and a lesson from Ultra Cool. This type of support is exactly what is required to make  a business grow and succeed in America.

I, for sure will be telling my biker friends what a great product the Ultra Cool oil cooler is for my bike and about the excellent support after the sale.

Thank you so much.



Most valuable part on my bike

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to UltraCool, as they have made it possible for me to compete with my bike. I have been racing for the World’s Fastest Bagger in Bonneville since 2008. I had installed a JIMS 131 in my bike and was having a lot of issues with oil being blown out my air cleaner, this would happen to me when I was caught in traffic where I was not able to get air to the motor. When you build up these monster motors, they run extremely hotter than normal bikes. I tried everything possible to figure out how to get it to stop, however I was out of options. I researched oil coolers and ran across UltraCool and the oil cooler they were selling. First of all the oil cooler is sleek and does not stick out there like a sore thumb as most of the others did. I purchased one and bam the oil being spit out the air cleaner ended, I am not scared of being caught in traffic anymore. I was fortunate enough to be able to start up my own motorcycle repair shop in 2014 after graduating college. I have had a demo UltraCooler in the front of my shop since day one, and when asked about motor work, I encourage them all to go with this oil cooler with any big motor builds. I have been pushing the envelope on proving that you can have a built bagger that can run from state to state and still compete for top speeds at the quarter mile, or at a sanctioned mile event. In 2016, I had a JIMS 135 ProCharged pushing 208hp and 190ft/tq, this thing is a beast. I was able to pull an 11.4sec quarter mile at a top speed of 124mph, and rode a road trip from Colorado to Arizona and then to Las Vegas, with the return trip home from Vegas to Colorado in 13hrs. The day after returning home, I ran at the Colorado Mile at a top speed of 152.1mph taking the Title of World’s Fastest Street Legal Bagger 2016. All this was completed within a week and a half. This would not have even possible without the oil cooler, and that is why you will hear me say that was one of the most important part I have ever installed on my bike. With everyone building bigger motors in baggers, the oil cooler should definitely be part of any engine combination.
Thanks for your support, RoadSkulls V-Twin Performance.

07 Deuce

HD put it on but the thermostats went out 3 months after I had it. UltraCool sent a new one. So far so good.

Kerry DeCay

Great Oil Cooling Unit and looks good as well

I installed this unit myself on my Road Glide about two years ago with no issues. I have a 103 with some added motor work, boosting it up a little more and have logged about 6,500 miles since the install. A number of those miles were running across the desert at times in temps of up to 115 degree with the unit performing great. My bike never gets over 205 while riding at the peak of the heat in the Mohave desert and in traffic has never gone over 208 degrees. A few friends riding with me have had their bikes overheat, not to mention the other riders we see pulled over to the side or at the gas stops waiting for their bikes to cool off. I have yet to have any issues and have felt comfortable in all conditions. I also have the Flo Billet aluminum reusable oil filter on the bike as well as this filter allows more oil flow per minute than the stock harley filter helping to keep things cooler as well. Initially I had to get use to hearing the UltraCool fan when I slowed down or stopped but now it's really a comforting sound as I know the unit is doing it's job. I have recommended it to a number of friends who have installed it as well, with one using it on his Harley with a 120R motor.

Bill AIken

Reefer beets the Florida Heat

In the Florida heat of 110 in the shade. My 2006 Ultra Classic 102K MILES, in traffic was not happy. I installed the Ultra Cool Oil cooler on it, in July, Then come October in Daytona, AWESOME!! Biketoberfest & Bike Week is a breeze!!

The Customer Service is WONDERFUL AND PERSONAL!!



I installed the UltraCool Oil cooler on our 2007 Classic just before Daytona Bike week last year. I am impressed. Very easy install and it works great, no leaks either! We live in South Carolina and the riding is hot here in the summertime. Even though I do not have an oil temp gage on the bike I can tell when the fans are about to kick on, and really glad when they do. I feel good knowing that heat is getting out... even though I don't need the LED to tell me thy are on, I can feel the rush of heat coming up from the cooler. Oh well better on me than the oil.
Great product!

Jim Lindberg

Keeping it cool

After moving to South Carolina I was worried about my 2003 FXST Harley over heating. Did some research and decided on Ultracool as it seemed like the best option. I had a thrived party install the system and it worked fine for about two years but then developed a leak between the adapter and the hose connection unit. It appears that the third party didn't put lock tight on the 6 bolts holding the system to the adapter. Contacted Larry at Ultracool and ordered new gaskets and hose withe 15 degree offset. I dissassembled the system and followed the instructions as written. All leaks fixed and bike actually runs cooler, 190 around town and about 225 on the highway at 75mph. The better cooling I believe was due to a kink in the old return line hose. Very satisfied with the advise and quick response from Ultracool. Thanks again Larry, but if I ever have to change the hoses again I will go to the black rubber lines.

Jim T.

Jim Tansey




Great product, does what it is supposed to do

I researched looking for an oil cooler for my 08 Ultra Classic, looked at the HD oil cooler and a few other after market. I like the stack plate design of the Ultracool instead of the fin/tube construction and the braided hoses with A/N fitting. Before the install, my oil temp was running 270 to 290 deg. The install was easy. This past weekend I was group riding the back roads of Pocono mts in Penna; the temp stayed between 220 & 230. Noticed the motor giving off a lot less heat, especially coming off the rear cylinder. I would definitely recommend this oil cooler. Mike B

Mike Babenko

60 degree oil temp difference

I bought one of your oil coolers for my ultra classic.  Great product my bike oil temp before the cooler was 290 at 92 degrees I went out Sunday the air temp was 93 and humid the bike never got above 230.  Your product is well worth the money thanks. Now I am looking at your washable oil filter it looks nice but does it filter as good as paper?  I called Larry when I had one small issue he got me back on track. Thank Larry for me please. One more thing the install was right at 2 hours not bad at all.  I will tell all my friends about your products.. Thanks again.   TIm J. Amissville Va

While installing the adapter I lost a 3/4"screwed on the ground. I called and left a message on their service, I received a call the next morning by 10 am. They must have had a screw kit in the mail that afternoon! I received it in the mail 2 days after my call and no bill!
Their customer service is exellent

Steve Rainer

Complete Fail

I decided to tile this review as Complete Fail due to my initial experience with the Ultracool system.

First and foremost I do not profess to be an engineer. But i do turn a wrench on my bikes. Speaking of which I own a 1967 flh Shovelhead and a 2005 CVO Flh 103 engine. I was looking for a solution for my CVO. I live in the Caribbean where temps are 80s to high 90s most of the time. Riding my bike would be like having a skillet 6 inches from your leg. The bike has a ECU fail safe that would lower the RPM to 850 as an initial step then, modify timing and mixture to control heat. At times riding in the mountains with the elevation changes and lower speeds on the curves; as well as stop and go traffic on my commutes to work; the infamous ping and valve noise would be present.

My bike is equip with a OEM cooler from Harley Davidson which works well at highway speed but leaves to be desired in traffic.

Not wanting to detract from the look of the bike I ordered the Reefer. Shipping was prompt and to be honest I was shocked cause mail around here is like waiting to fill a bucket of molasses. +1 to Ulracool.

The detailed way it was packed was spot on and tells me that these folks take pride in what they do. +2 Ultracool.

During the installation I had to move the front header sensor bung because it was in the way of the oil adapter. I run a ThunderMax autotune with DD fat Cats on my ride. The design of this product is for FL models and is a general fit. Be prepared to make adjustments for aftermarket mods. If you have a stock bike; I dont see how you can run into any issues. Ultracool makes this kit to accommodate the widest range of bikes in the line up possible. It is a high quality kit and the instructions are stupid proof. +3 Ultracool.

Went out for a ride after the install and I can honestly tell you that the bike feels better. Top gear roll on valve train noise that I would have on a 90 degree day was gone. The idle sound even changed to a more thumpier note. Even the skillet was turned down. The fans would kick in as designed only when in city traffic and when i parked the bike and shut the engine off the poping and crackling sounds the bike would make due to engine heat are gone. +4 Ultracool.

Now for the Dirty.

Went out for a ride yesterday and the bike was running awesome with out a hitch. Cruising the coast 30 to 40 mile sweepers some stop and go,(for a cold one)outside temp was @84 degrees and climbing, shes running strong. The fan indicator light (which I mounted according to the recommended instructions); would cycle on and then off.

At one of my stops when I shut the engine off but there was still power to the fans; I noticed dead silence. Put a dollar bill in front of the intake and fans weren't working. Checked indicator lamp and it was on. Rode 30 miles to a friends shop to diagnose what happened. Indicator lamp would cycle on and off during the ride, so thermoswitch seemed to be working as well as the cooler itself in bringing the temps down below 190 which is where it cuts off.

After checking ground connections;fuse; or shorted wiring. The fan armatures were bad. Called Ultracool and spoke to Earl. He immediately arranged to ship the new fan modules free of charge. He even registered the warranty for me which I hadn't gotten around to doing. +5 Ultracool

Rode back home @75 miles with the bike in this condition and she was a champ. At highway speed the indicator didn't turn on once,letting me know she was under 220. Did some coast back for about 25 mile and the indicator lamp was on most of the time. The temp of the bike was unknown to me a this point because i was unaware of how much over 220 she was running. But I can tell you that not once did the bike Idle down to 850 and my legs didn't feel scorched.

Comparing the Ultracool heat exchanger to the OEM one at the time of the install, I noticed that the ultracool had a bigger surface area and looked like a better flow design than the OEM. It seems they designed it as a stand alone unit and then added the fans to kick in at 220 as a preventive measure to keep the engine temp within tolerance.

Once I install the new fans, Ill have a better picture of the longevity of this product. But for now, under complete failure of the fans, really highlighted the exchangers capacity to outperform the OEM.

Made in the USA by Bikers!!!

Ozzy G

Ultra cool

These guys make a great product. I put one on my 09 classic oil temps down 50 degrees like they said. Wasn't bad to install I had to call Larry about one thing as soon as I talk to him I went back and there the wire was. Ultra cool is well worth the investment. Thanks guys for a great product

Tim jones

Great Product

Your Cooler works simply GREAT. The kit was complete and easy to install on my 2009 Ultra Classic. Went for a test ride in 104 degree temp. Before installation bike oil temp ran at 250+. After oil cooler was installed the oil temp stayed just below 230 and never went higher. Very pleased and highly recommend your Oil cooler!!!

Thanks for a Great Product!!

Heinz Leuschner


Thank you Larry,always a pleasure dealing with you! Its been 16 months now since first installing the UltraCool system on my 05 RoadKing Custom and I have to say its performed flawlessly the entire time! The replacement indicator light kit was not out of being defective,but of my own accord while working on the bike. I really liked the high glow of the last green indicator,so we'll see how the new blue does. Thanks so much, and i recommend the UltraCool to everyone that asks me about it!  Jim C.

my new cooler

recently purchased and had my local Harley dealership install this cooler for me as long as I was in need of full service all I had to go on were a few reviews that were online but after having it installed on mine I'm more than pleased with the job this cooler does have told my friends I ride with that this is the way to go and if I had to buy another one this is the one I would definitely purchase again it is made very well and is better than the one Harley puts out for just about the same amount of money keep up the good work and thanks for building a very good product. Brian F.

pleased and disappointed at the same time

Installed the refeer on an 09 street glide,love it.Had a few problems such as the thermal switch failed along with one of the fans after about three years.Replacement parts not cheap....
Hope you have better luck than me.

anthony richmond

Simply Awesome!

The Ultracool Reefer for my 2015 Dyna Street Bob Special Edition was the best quality and most easy to install modification to date. The way the company packages the kit with easy to follow instructions is remarkable. There were no issues at all and totally leak free, as well as exactly as stated. I use it in conjunction with my Wards FCS fans and together I have the best made in the USA cooling possible. My TC98 runs about 230 degrees max and the fans kick in at 220 as promised. I guess UltraCool must really improved the system over the years because it is perfect and I'm surprised to read about others with minor issues. It is too easy to install and everything fits perfectly with a booklet that makes it so anyone should be able to do it with basic tools and common sense. Thanks Earl and UltraCool for a fine product that will make my Harley last until my retirement and on. Aloha, Craig

Craig Toyooka

along with a great product the service is equal when it comes to helping you out,I had a problem with a thermal switch and with out a question they had one on the way to me at no charge to me at all.i would suggest this product to all who ride.

terry M.

I have an 08 ultra with performance cams and Thundermax tuner. The install of the UltraCool was easy and has met my expectations. My bike is running 25 degrees cooler now. I would highly recommend this cooler anyone, it works great.

Tim S.

Great Product

I installed my Ultra Cool oil cooler on my 2012 Wide Glide. Just the cooler itself made a difference. I tried to get my bike hot enough to kick the fans on but couldn't get it hot enough that day. The one thing is I have an engine guard on my scoot and had to drill 2 holes about an inch up for the cooler to fit. Didn't want to lose my engine guard and drilling two holes was easy enough. Did have a minor leak at the fitting which had to pull the oil filter to get to it but once again no biggie and all is good now. Can't wait till the weekend when I can Finally get out and Ride and see if I can get the fans to come on..All and all very happy with this product

Paul H.

Problem resolved

I had a problem with my cooler so I contacted Ultracool and I had a replacement part on the way without any hassle.The problem was resolved and now the cooler runs as it should.The fans kick on at 220 and maintain that temp.These guys care about making things right.Other company's take notice,this is how you do business.
Thanks Ultracool

Mickey G.

Purchased my UltraCool at Sturgis in 2013. Worked great until Spring of 2016. Called Larry and with his help got it working again. Great product and support! Would not be without it and neither should my 08 Electric Glide Classic!

Steven Rice

Good Product

My ride:
03 FLHTCUI Electra Glide Ultra Classic Anniversary Edition

So, I think it goes without saying. I've been battling the heat for some time. I'm out in Las Vegas, NV. The summer temps will get up to 120. So, I first installed an engine fan. It does work for what it is. But, it never corrected my bike from shutting off in the middle of traffic.

So, I actually searched, searched, and searched some more. I ended up purchasing the Ultra Cool oil cooler about a month ago. So, its been sitting in the box until yesterday when I FINALLY installed it.

In ALL seriousness. The instructions are EASY. It installs EASY. I've only had it on for a day but, it WORKS!

I'm not sure at what temp the actual fans activate at but I will say this... The oil cooler alone made a huge difference.

However. I only have 1 gripe...

My bike has/had a "display" stand (dual kick stand at the very front of the frame under the floorboards. I very much use it.

I ran into a problem on the install due to the display stand. Basically, the oil cooler WILL NOT fit if you have a display stand installed. But, lets be serious... At this point in time.... You DID just spend $400 on a part that you obviously needed. So... I asked myself.. is it worth removing the stand and installing the cooler. OBVIOUSLY!

Other then that. I am very pleased with it!

Eric T

Installed on my 2006 FLHTCI

I researched several oil coolers for my 2006 FLHTCI, right after I moved to Florida from Up state New York in May of 2014. I had previously used Jagg Oil Coolers on several of my prior Harley's, but decided to give the UltraCool Oil Cooler a shot. I liked the quality of the cooler and the braided oil lines,the fact that it had two electric fans to increase air flow when your stuck in traffic. It also has a Green LED light that was recommended to be mounted on the top part of the inner fairing, that lights up when the fans are running. It has been almost two years of using this product and I'm 100% satisfied. I have made two long distance trips on my 2006 Electra Glide Classic, which just went over 94,000 since the install. I have ridden in some every heavy stop and go traffic, in some very hot weather. Prior to the install my bike would stall out after getting to hot! I can honestly say that this doesn't happen with the Ultracool Oil Cooler. Awesome product and great customer support, I highly recommend this product.

Bill Ezero

Great company with perfect support

All recommendation for this product and a specially for great support and warranty.Cooler works perfect and now after 6 months use i recommend this product.
The highest oil temperature is about 230-235 Degree Fahrenheit. Wihout coolet temperature was about 285 Degree Fahrenheit.

Robert Mostarcic
Dental praxis

Great Product and Great Customer Care

This product has been the best add-on to help make the oil run cooler.It really helps on the hot days and in heavy traffic. Both Earl and Larry have helped me with a couple of minor issues I had with my bike.I would recommend this product to anyone owning a hot running Harley

Russell Furse

Great Product supported by great people

I purchased the Reefer oil cooler for my 07 Electra Glide and I couldn't be happier. The unit was easy to install and has performed great ever since. When it became necessary to replace the hoses, ordering was a breeze and the people are great to work with.

I would highly recommend this product to everyone...

James Ellis

Great product

along with a great product the service is equal when it comes to helping you out,I had a problem with a thermal switch and with out a question they had one on the way to me at no charge to me at all.i would suggest this product to all who ride.

terry McCrea

Love it

Installed my unit and going to buy one for my brothers 70th birthday thank guys love your video .

Ron Willey

Ronald Willey

2007 with 110ci

2007 ultra with S/E 110. did a lot of research and decided on the ultracool mainly because of reviews, ease of installation and twin turbo fans... this unit does exactly what it is intended and advertised to do. no gimmicks. oil pressure stays consistently in range where as before it would drop considerably with minimal riding because of heat, a problem with the add-on 110....installation was a breeze with no modifications and understandable instructions. the only part missing in the wiring section is the directions telling you to connect the ground for the L.E.D. light, pretty obvious but should still be included. really impressed and would definitely recommend it...


Why did i take so long to purchase ultacool,today i was stock in trafic my temperture did not pass 220,with out ultracool i always see the gauge up to almost 300,d'ont just be like me do a favor to your bike and wallet.Thank you ultracool company.

Jose Tavares
City of Toronto,ont.

I'm very impressed, Ultra Cool is top dog

It was stop and go on I5 freeway. 95* out and my 2003 Road King starts sputtering. off to the side I go. feet up on the bars lay down and sleep for 2 hours. Bike cools down and home I go.
So the search for a way to cool her down.
looking around to see what's out their. Reading reviews on all sites. I only want the best for my Harley. go on line order the reefer for the Harley. go to install and I bust bolts, this is before I even open a beer . Its the weekend so home Depot I go. pick up a couple that will fit. oil adapter on, start on the bracket. Wow something is not looking right. Fender is 1/4" from the cooler and the cooler is facing the ground. To the phone I go. Larry calls me, Hay what's going on. after explaining what I had done and sending pictures to Earl's phone. There are a few bugs to work out, like move the wire at the regulator.
Gee I feel stupid.
needless to say Larry and Earl are Right On.
Kind of like when you do a fund raiser and help someone out because you stand by being a good person from the inside out.
Larry the wife and I will be coming down your way bringing you a Olympia Beer, and hand shake and hug.
Its the real Brothers that help make the world we live in a better place.

Steven Bulldis (Greek)
Bulldis Shellfish Farm

Great Folks to Deal With

These are some of the best people I have ever dealt with. Their product does what they say it will do. Installed their cooler om my 04 Heritage Softail with great results. Had a little problem with a leak, and they responded better than I could have imagined. I would have no problem doing business with these folks in the future. Simply the BEST!!!!

Thomas W. Saucier

2005 Road King

Recently purchased ultra cool auto cooling system for my 05 Harley Road King. Very easy installation just ran into a few snags. One being I had to reroute a rectifier wiring harness from underneath to over the top and behind rectifier in order for cooler to fit cooler bracket .Secondly, rectifier when I was finished was hitting oil filter housing . Had to remove rectifier and just bend rectifier bracket slightly to get clearance .Just road one day so far with a bunch of buddies and all were impressed with the cooler installation and how it looked. Thank you Ultra Cool

Jack Bacon

best customer service

I recently ordered a oil cooler and through no fault of ultra cool the order ended up in Florida funny part is i live in modesto, ca, called ultra cool to ask what the problem was and if they could help they looked into saw the same problem i saw but couldn't figure out it happened. I'm working in my garage on saturday i get a call from Earl he tells me him and his wife are going for a ride and that he would like to bring me a replacement cooler. 2 hours later him and his wife pull up in front of my house on his street glide with my oil cooler talk about hand deliver with the personal touch.

frank hale

Awesome customer service

Thanks Larry and Earl for the help with a fan issue on your unit. It was a month out of warranty and was a question on what really made the fan blade break. But ya helped me out anyway. Because of your simple design and efficient unit I was able to replace the fan unit in less than an hour. If I was a mechanic probably could have done it quicker.

I will definitely be recommending you and your products.


Gary Jennings

2011 CVO Street Glide

Reefer for 2011 CVO Street Glide. Great product and easy install. Did need some extra install time to remove the old oil cooler for correcting a metric Allen wrench from metric to the 7/16 allen adapter, but other than that, "Top Notch". Did my first "try out- test drive" today with the Club about 150 miles slow driving, High way, city traffic, etc.. The oil pressure stays in range now. Meaning the oilpump (S&S C3) is actually pumping oil with the right viscosity now and not water thin overheated oil. Told my friends about it and they all are very impressed. Thumbs up!!

a.viswat Holding B.V.

A-1 customer service

Great customer service!!! Called to get a new heat exchange after I cross threaded the other one, they were very helpful at getting me another.

Charles Osborne

Best cooler ever!

This is the first thing you should buy for your ride. Installation is easy, and the cooler works excellent. I ride my bike. 80,000 miles in 4 years. Why would I use anything else. Even in stop and go traffic, it still keeps it cool. Not like the regular coolers that get no air thru them when you slow down or stop. This is the best money I've ever spent. Thank you Ultracool !

Scott Backman

The best Designed oil cooler and American made

Very impressed with my oil cooler. the fit and finish were flawless. was worried it might look out of place, but I get a lot of compliments on how it looks. I have a S&S 107 heavily modified engine, puts out 127 HP at rear wheel on dyno jet 250i. before I installed the oil cooler if i got stuck in traffic. I was looking for any road to pull over or turn off and wait to cool down. looked at all cooler available. Ultra Cool was the only one with two fans, that look attractive. Now I can sit in traffic with no overheating. Thanks Ultra Cool

Robbie Lawhorn

Great product

I was just at Daytona bikeweek and was happy knowing that i had an oil cooler on my 08 Road King. It is surprising how hot the bike gets even when it's 85 degrees.Love this product! Works like a charm !

Joe Tavella

excellent products!

I purchased a ultra cool cooling system for my 04 Ultra last year it keeps my temperatures down at least 40 degrees on the hot humid days product works excellent very detailed instructions very easy to install. Will definitely purchase another one for my next bike! Excellent customer service as well!

Nathan mohr

just getting there

talk to a time or two before I order , felt very good about this product read a lot of reviews, order on Monday got it on wednesday , unbox it and was more iimpressed let you know how it goes when I get installed

Richard Suddath

Softail Oil Cooler

I live in Florida. I have a 2013 H-D softail and I got a Ultra Cool for it. With the fan assist it is the best oil cooler around. Easy to install. Their customer service is great. I recommend Ultra Cool to everybody that drives a air cooled motorcycle.

Tony P.

Tony Pellegrino

Great people to work with, solid tech support

Installed the UltraCoolFL on my 2010 Tri-Glide last June. Best investment yet to keep oil temps down after I installed a performance cam. Easy install because of great detailed instructions.

Robert Rebhun

Awesome company with a very valuable product!!!!!

I own a HD 2009 Electra Glide Standard that I've done some custom work to the engine as well as the entire bike. Searched for the best oil cooler I could find after some engine upgrades and did I ever find what I was looking for. Buy this cooler now! My club makes big runs from city to city and down the highway as well and what a tremendous difference this cooler makes. I whole-heartedly stand by this oil cooler when I'm in a traffic jam. Thank you UltraCool and staff for a great product. CJ H-Town

Chaddrick Jack

Another Happy Customer

I have a 2002 Ultra Classic that I bought in 2011 in Northern New Jersey. For the handful of days that we would get the 90+ degree days, I would notice the oil temperature in the upper 240's....sometimes as high as 255. In the fall of 2014, my wife and I decided to move to San Antonio, Texas. Obviously, the south Texas climate is a bit different, with 5 or 6 months out of the year being 90+, with the better part of 3 months being 100 or better. As I knew that I needed to have the engine rebuilt in the near future, I decided that I would have the shop that I had trusted for so long do the work before we moved. I talked to the owner about adding an oil cooler to the bike while he had it all apart, knowing the climate I would be dealing with. As he had worked with Ultracool on a lot of the testing, he immediately told me that if it was his bike, that's what he would install and had him install the unit.

When spring hit here, we were getting low 90's. I never saw the oil temp go above 225. When summer hit and we were seeing 100 degree weather, the highest oil temp I ever saw was 245, but usually the max was about 235. This product works incredibly and would recommend that anyone who has a Harley needs to have this on their bike!!!!! Not only is the product great, but the customer service is bar none.

A number of weeks ago I started hearing a noise. It sounded like a vibration sometimes, maybe something in the engine at others. Then I noticed a drip of oil underneath the bike which got a little more pronounced a few days later. After some investigation, the plates that attach to the stock oil filter housing for the oil cooler operation were moving slightly, enough so to cause the leak. SoI found both of my problems and called the shop that installed it in New Jersey to find out what I should do. He gave me the number, told me to call them and tell them who installed the unit and explain what was going on. He told me they would take care of everything, but I was skeptical. I called 2 days before Christmas and spoke to Larry, explained what was going on, and told him who what installed the unit. Larry immediately told me what caused the problem, that they had seen this problem before and they had designed an adapter key to solve that problem on that particular engine. He said he would ship me the new key, bolts, gaskets, instruction sheet, AND the newly designed wrench for the oil lines. He also told me I would have the package the day after Christmas. The package came as promised!!!

I can't say enough about the great product they sell, but Larry could have been more helpful in not just shipping the parts out, but taking the time to explain all the things that they have updated and why (the adapter key being one of them to eliminate the problem that I experienced). The customer service they have is second to NONE!!! When I buy my next bike, the first thing I will do is but an Ultracool oil cooler on it before I do ANYTHING else!!!!!! Thanks guys!!!!

Todd W Mabey

The only cooler to have on a Harley

When I bought my 2008 Road King FLHRC, I needed enhanced cooling for everything from traffic jams, to parades, to veteran funeral processions, and a fan hanging off the side just didn't seem to fit the bill. I've had the original UltraCool on my bike for over 7 years now and I've never had a worry of overheating, whether cruising Las Vegas Blvd or enjoying the desert at Run-A-Mucca. Desert heat has shut down my GPS and my phone but not my bike. I just upgraded to the newly designed model just because the new design looked even more efficient and I have no doubt I will be even more impressed than I have been with the original. Be good to your bike and get one of these.

Jim Patty

ultracool oil cooler

Short and sweet,this product performs well,very well made,and looks great on the bike.Great customer service even after the sale.GREAT PRODUCT!

michael mann

The ultimate in cooling

I installed the Reefer oil cooler on my 2010 FLHX. My infrared temp gun shows a consistent drop in oil temp of around 30 degrees running a Fuel Moto 107 motor. No more problems in slow city traffic or construction zones even on 90+ days ! The dual fans and cooling tubes have kept me from having to change oil and have helped pay for the cooler. Well worth the purchase !

Arnold Truckey


I ave an '08 Dyna low rider with a crash bar that's attached to the frame with "U" bolts that prevented me from mounting the heat exchanger so I "moved" the mounting slots forward 1" and everything fit.

I also made the mounting holes in the cover twice as big because it becomes a real PITA to align everything.

Also, when I removed the OEM oil cooler I discovered that the 2 bolts hold the motor mount in place. Used a sizzor jack to re-align holes.

Tried it out today. No problems, fans came on and the motor wasn't cooking me like it normally did.


James S. Parker

Worth the investment

This is my second unit. I liked the first so much.
These units drop the temp. and when combined w/synthetic oil it is FAR more cool than the standard motor can achieve. It has worked so well that my neighbor has purchased (and LOVES) his for his FLHR.
We have been to Sturgis and a 3200 mile trip this summer w/ ZERO issues and a ULTRACOOL motor !
Highly recommended on ANY air cooled bike. I will put another on my next bike as well.
Thanks guys.

D. Blodgett

Harley Softail Oil Cooler Review

I have already posted pictures of subject cooler on my softail and said I would write a review after I had time to evaluate it. Well the summer is over and after many 100 degree days the cooler worked just as advertised. Congrats to UltraCool for such a fine product.

Jack Colwill

Outstanding support from the manufacturer

I purchased the "Reefer" last spring before the softail unit was available for my 2004 BigDog Bulldog. No mounting bracket was available from Ultracool so I made a custom one and polished it and the oil filter adapter out to a chrome finish. The install was not hard to do and the performance was as advertised not to mention it looked great. A year and 3 months later I unbolted the unit to get better access to areas I needed to polish for a bike show that was coming up. Then I pulled the grill away from the fan assembly one of the fan blades fell off because it had torn loose from the backboard. The damage must have just happened because I heard the fans running the day before. I thought that Ultracool would not warrant the product because it had been just over a year since it was purchased, but to my surprise they agreed to ship me a new fan and a steel grill since mine was plastic. Its not often you get service like this anymore...
Thank you Ultracool for standing behind your product.
Kevin in Arlington TX.

Kevin Johnson

Finally got it

I will be honest and say it was a struggle to install the oil cooler and cover ! All the holes did not line up because the 90 braided oil fitting were pushing against the cover. After much trying I finally opened the holes on the cover to 1/2.I spent 3/4 of my install on the cooler and cover install itself. I also did not receive rubber tubing for the oil lines in case of rubbing. I improvised. And the crows foot is useless. I only made three attempts to tighten before it began slipping on the fittings. Everything else was easy. I remain positive that the unit will operate as described and keep my oil much cooler.


Great Product! Great Results! Great Support!

Having researched and carefully selecting a product that made sense in cooling down the 103 Vtwin I purchased and installed the Reefer Cooler with outstanding results. On a recent 400 mile trip in VA summer weather the oil temp maintained an average 210 -220 degrees with my wife and I aboard. Within the last two weeks I was caught in a 3 mile backup on a humid, 95 degree day and while the temps rose to around 250+ with the fans humming the bike and I were well satisfied in the cooling process. The gents at the help desk are superb and show immediate concern and action with any questions asked. This is a must for ALL Big Twins!


Cooler in Las Vegas

I have an 02 Ultra Classic pushin 100 ponies because of this she ran hot I live in Vegas and I couldn't even ride up or down the strip do to the over heating. I went to bikefest and saw the "Ultracool" unit and was immediately sure it was the solution. I have a long background in machine maintenance, machine building, and as a machinist, so I knew I needed one of these. Well I got one installed it which was more than easy to do as it as well as the instructions were top notch. well my problems were solved. Well sorry to say but a few months later I found the heat exchanger started leaking, my first thought was are they going to try to weasel out of this. I am so happy to say no they stepped right up to the plate and immediately shipped me a whole new unit. I assure you all this is not only a HIGH QUALITY UNIT but a TOP NOTCH COMPANY. Hey Harley Davidson your missing the boat there should be one of these on EVERY bike you make.

Dave Munroe

It works!

Bought a used 08' Electra Glide Ultra here in Sebastian, Florida last week. First ride I thought my legs were on fire! Bought your cooler and had it put on yesterday 8/31/2015 and it changed my riding experience. BIG difference! Thank you for this product...I'm a fan!

Went together fairly easy and worked just like a dream direction made no mention of the ground for the led but was easy to figure out. I connected it to the other black wire from the headlight

Eric Wilson

Only three letters can describe the difference...WOW!

I bought a 2015 CVO Roadglide and I live in Palm Springs, Ca. As summer started to arrive 112 degrees plus. I was experiencing several runability problems with my bike. The rear cylinder shutdown of course and something I didn't expect was vapor lock. The engine was stalling at almost every stop light and would be really hard to start. After talking to Harley, and being told it was operating as prescribed...I started looking for fixes. I called many companies and found that they were not even interested in talking to me and then I came across your website. Not seeing anything for my bike I called Ultracool. Larry and Robert took me under their wings and I brought the bike to ultracool. After my visit and installation of the cooler I was still worried that it would not be enough to keep the bike cool. So off I went back to Palm Springs and hit the 100 degree temps as I entered the valley. At the first stop light I heard the fans running and the bike was running well. The rear cylinder didn't even shut down!!! It was a quick light so I decided to run around through the stop and go traffic to put it to the test....It never skipped a beat! I really could not believe it. The temps have risen to over 120 degrees this past two weeks and although it is hard to ride in this kind of heat this bike is my main transportation. The oil cooler works better than I could have imagined and the problems I was experiencing have all disappeared. Yes even in this hot hot climate it is running great. I want to say thanks to Larry and Robert for taking the time out of their busy schedule to help me. If you don't have one of these coolers...get one!!! Ultracool has the corner on customer service in my book. They went above and beyond to help me and I will recommend them to anyone having heat problems on their Harley.

George Nischan

Awesome customer service

I had bought the original ultracool years back which had only a single fan and did not have the anti rotation device the new one had so it would ocassionally leak oil. I spoke to Earl and not only did he offer me to help me get parts to fix the old one but offered me a great discount of I'd like to get the new one since I'm an old customer. Great product and great customer service.

Salvatore vieni

On my way to Sturgis

I have a 2003 ultra, going to Sturgis for the 75th my oil was getting hot and pressure was at 0 when stopped. read about Ultra Cool and was at JP cycle and bought one put it in my saddle bag to install when I got back from Sturgis. When laid it out to install noticed the bracket would not work call JP they sold me wrong one said I could sell on E Bay and than buy right one. I called Ultra Cool, they sent me the right bracket and hoses and wiring. They did not charge me for the parts or shipping, gave me a return label. they are the Best!!!

Michael J. Todd

Great Customer Service

I recently had the Ultracool installed on my 2004 Road King, but the fans would not come on by themselves. I called Ultracool and spoke to Larry regarding this issue. Larry invited me to his house this Saturday to take a look at it. Well, Larry figured out the problem,fixed it, and sent me on my way! Now that's customer service! My bike has never run so cool. pETE

Pete Herron


Easy install.. did test at idle temp,  seems to work great.. Not road tested yet,  will the next few days.. will send more after a good hot ride..
Also product seems well made..



Put the cool on a 2008 electric glide very easy to follow the procedure.But had a hard time finding a torque wench that went from 0 to 100 the torque wench at most places went from 20 to 200 foot pounds.Something to keep in mind when you buy one and put it on very happy with it looks and works good.

steven d colvin

Happy Camper

I purchased and instaled your " ultracool " system and i am plenty satisfied. It was easy to installed with your instruction sheat. Ultracool + syntetic motor oil = peace of mind.
Great service with JP Cycle to.
Thank you.
R. Grenier (Quebec Canada)

Envoyé de mon iPad


John C.

I got no complaints ,working fine went to Reno, NV and it was hot up there
I heard the fans working. John C

Customer post

Great Product

Larry, after careful reviewing of oil coolers I chose to go with the Ultracooler, I am glad I did, this thing WORKS, very easy install, and the support videos are great, I have passed the info nto other riders, I get alot of look and comments and questions. Thanks agian for a great product.

Terry Evans
Indianapolis, In

Terry Evans

Awesome! One little issue.

Kit was a perfect fit on my 2008 Ultra Classic. Easy to install. My only issue was the "Fitting Wrench" that is supplied in the kit, spun passed the hose fitting. Glad I had my own fitting wrenches. Don't let that stop you from adding this to your HD. Good job guys!

Shawn Lehman

Thank You Very Much!

Got the switch and installed it. Again thank you very much! Enjoyed talking to you on the phone, Just had a couple of 80+ degree days & the cooler sure made a difference. I've attached a couple pics of the cooler on my Road King. Love the cooler, maybe we will get to go for a putt someday.
Cheers! Bob Johnson, Fargo ND.


Fargo, ND

Very Cool Products (Get it!?) Great Customer Service!!

I've put approx. 30K on my bike since I installed the UltraCool oil Cooler, I ride a lot of miles all over the country each year, I've noticed a huge difference in not only my oil temp, but the heat coming up the my legs, (Ya'll know exactly what I'm talking about) it's not nearly as bad! I would recommend this to anybody who cares about their engine lasting, I have a 2008 Streetglide which I've put all 64K miles on, and I plan on keeping it for a long time!! UltraCool has nailed it, I looked at a lot of Oil Coolers before I decided on this one. It's not hard to install, it's automatic, Goes on when it's supposed to, and shuts off when it's supposed to, worry free!! The guys at the shop ride just like we do and they really care deeply about this product. That's what I look for when I put anything new on my Bike... Great Job Guys!!!

George Wilson
GPWilson Group


Just installed the ultracool on my 2005 Road King Custom and it looks great and works as stated. The product parts seem to be sturdy and well made, and the directions were easily followed. We had to adjust the position of the oil adapter from the recommended 11 o'clock position to more towards the 12 o'clock position, otherwise the rear hose was hitting the throttle position sensor when trying to hook up to the an 6 fitting on the oil adapter. We also had a bit of trouble lining up the holes to mount the cover plate to the bracket, but eventually got it. Since I have 18" ape hangers and no fairing/dash, we came up with a nice location for the indicator light. It required drilling into the factory trim plate, but looks great as you can see from the pic. When I called to discuss an install issue I was having,  I expected to get someone who was just answering phones and knew nothing about the product.... or worse yet a voicemail. To my surprise I actually spoke to someone who addressed my problem immediately! Thank you for making a great product and superb customer service!!!

Jim Callara


Dear Rob,
I thought you would like to see your product on my 2013 Heritage Softail Motorcycle. Here's some pictures that were taken of it completely installed. I would like to thank you for such a wonderful product! My bike seems to run better and cooler than before. My mechanic, Terry Little from Little's Cycle Shop in Hanover, PA said that it was relatively easy to install. The only problem he had was that I had so much chrome on my bike that he needed to cut one piece of chrome to fit the unit in but it didn't affect the look of the bike; as you can see (or can't see). ;D Please feel free to use these pictures on your website as you see fit.





This is a great looking product and fits well on my 2009 Heritage Softail. Installed in under 1 hour and no leaks. Weather here in Canada is still cool so will post another text when it gets hotter and fan kicks in.


Jack Colwill


It looks damn good if I do say so myself. Thanks for the personal attention you guys have given me. I hope you will post my pictures. You have an awesome product and you stand behind it. I appreciate that. This is my baby; a 2009 FXDFSE Dyna Fatbob. Your cooler replaced my chin spoiler and I think it looks awesome. Keep up the good work.

Dieter R HaffnerHaffner

Dieter R Haffner


Had my UltraCool fan assisted oil cooler hooked up to my 2009 FXDC Super Glide Custom at the beginning of the season. Riding on our first day at 80 degrees and I was very happy to see that green LED indicator light pop on. It stayed on for around 10 minutes, did its job and the light went off. What a great feeling to know this sucker is adding life to my engine and helping maintain viscosity to my oil, and most important my ass will be burning less in August 🙂 Oh the light went on while I was on a back road and I pulled over just to hear it working. 2 Thumbs up. Do yourself a favor, If you have an air cooled engine just get one of these babies.

Larry Jamieson


I have only had my Ultra Cool oil cooler on my 2011 Road King for two weeks and I have seen an improvement in the engine operating temperature in 80 to 90 degree temperatures. The engine runs cooler during highway driving as well as during stop and go traffic. When the fans come on the system reduces the oil temperature to the point where the oil drops down to 190 degrees and the fans shut down. This is the best thing I could have done for my Harley in the Florida weather.

Doug F


Some pics of the cooler installed on my 2012 Street Glide




Absolutely without a doubt, living in South Florida, the best thing I have ever had installed on my Electra Glide Classic. Quality components and absolute rave reviews for this oil cooler. I have already referred two friends who immediately bought Ultra Cool Units. Cudos to Ultra Cool for this product!

Michael Cummins Sr.


I love the Ultra Cool Cooler. My wife and I rode about 10,000 miles last year and it really performed great. We go to Myrtle Beach Bike Week every spring and fall and in the hot weather in May it was flawless and my bike ran about 15 degrees cooler than it did before. I have recommended to all my friends. I really appreciate the communication it lets a person know that you care about your customers and your product.


Fred Aldridge


My ultra cooler is working great. It was a snap to install and it has not given me any problems. Without it my 113 motor was constantly overheating. Thanks to ultra cooler my problems have been solved.


Kenneth Jones


This is my second post!!
UltraCool is a company committed to a quality product and customer commitment. I developed some problems with my original cooler. After speaking to their techs, They explained to my that they had made several changes and improvements to their current model. they told me to remove the original cooler and send it back and they would send me a new cooler with all the engineering changes. WOW! The original cooler did a good job, but this new model is awesome! Larger cooler, two fans, Braided hoses, indexed oil adapter, These guys are on the ball. I'm a retired automotive teacher and have a lot of experience dealing with aftermarket vendors, this company is the real deal!

Steve Cogan


Two years back I bored out and stroked my 88 to 110 ci running at 10.1 comp. on the plus side it developed 110 HP and 109 Tq. On the down side it ran real hot. I tried everything to cool it down including running 98 octane. A friend put me onto Ultra cool which I bought and added to my machine. Absolutely the best thing I did. The engine runs real nice, stays cool even in stopped traffic in 80+ temps, two rider and full load of gear. I recommend this to anyone even a stock engine because we all know a heavy load and a hot day will over heat your ride. With Ultra cool that will never happen again. Thanks for a great product.

Paul J Hamilton


After 60,000 Mi. + or - The lines on my cooler were badly damaged from rubbing on the frame.The cooler works very well and I Highly recommend installing one. New lines after 60,000 Mi just isn't A big deal.

Gerald Nichols


I have a 131" motor with 8 speakers, 400 watt stereo. I race my bike out in Bonneville for the world's fastest bagger, with a top speed so far at 151 mph. I have had issues with my bike running extremely hot and spitting oil out the air cleaner, and if I was ever caught in traffic I would coat my entire bike with oil from the air cleaner. I researched all types of coolers before I decided to purchase UltraCool. The install is not as easy to do on a 131, the case is a bit different than the stock case. However, since I do own my own shop I decided to modify it to work with my case (which is a bit of grinding). Since I have had it on my bike I have not once had my bike puke oil out the air cleaner. I am a pleased customer and I encourage my customers to invest in your cooler over any others.

Kevin Kevin



I would like to tell you that your product installed easily and works great. I have not had any overheating issues since putting on the cooler. I have had no leaks or any problems of any kind. It still works and looks great. I am very pleased with your cooler and would recommend it to anyone needing extra cooling on their Harley.

Steve E.


Hi Guys!

I hope Christmas was great for you both. I got the new oil feed line with the 20° Bend. Nice work!

I am really happy. And Larry thanks for sending the new grill. The other was more damaged than I had 1st thought. You guys rock! I'm not holding my tongue any longer. Your product works good in the Tucson Winter. 55°-60° day I rode several hundred miles and my temp was at 170°! My buddy rides a Victory 106 with their cooler in it and she was running 180°. Summer will be the real test though. Those 110°+ days will be the true test.

One word of thought I wanna pass along. As I installed the 20° hes I noticed the hose rotated on the solid tube. It was loose. But I noticed it rotate. I'm not seeing any leaks right now. I'll keep a close eye on it! Have a happy New Year!

image1 image4

image3 image2
Parks Rinehart


Looking for an oil cooler? This is the one that makes a difference. Installed and tested by me so I can tell you, look no further. Quality of the components are excellent, and the install is straightforward. Heat dissipation from the cooling core is so efficient that my fans rarely engage. What more can I ask. My bike is a 1999 electra glide classic flhtc with a big bore kit and screaming eagle ECM.

Nick DeMay


It makes 130tq/130hp.

Just for comparison: On one particularly hot day in Sacramento a couple years ago, my oil temperature approached 300°F. I had an HD oil cooler with a thermostat installed, I was very concerned, and finally pulled over in some shade and shut down to give the bike time to shed some heat. I changed the oil as as possible, more for peace of mind than anything else.

I am a Master Tech at the local HD dealer in Southwest Ohio. Summers here are hot and humid!! I would never have recommended an oil cooler without a thermostat till I came in contact with the folks at UltraCool. Now I'm a believer. With today's EFI motors running hot, a thermostat is not needed. For example; I have a customer with over 300,000 miles on his 2008 FLHRSE4, last winter he was riding in below zero weather, -5°F to be exact. The oil in his tank was holding 190°F! Warm enough to boil off the water that that forms from cold starts. We had made a cover for his cooler for winter riding, but found out it was not needed. Now if his bike had a carburetor like mine, a cover would have to be used at that temperature extreme. Rest assured my bike and I will not be out in that kind of weather.

I now recommend and install the Reefer on my customer's bikes with very positive feedback. Everyone has told me they feel a noticeable difference in heat after installing the Reefer.

UltraCool Client


Robert Clink; Larry Steed, Gentlemen,

After riding for almost 70yrs. on all kind of motorcycles, competing in all types of amateur to professional activities, from the "Jack Pine" enduro (off road), Trails, Hill Climbs, Road events, (10,000 miles in 11 Days) and Raced on the sands in Daytona Beach, (1949-51), my "educational" feedback might have some credibility.

Approximately 4 months ago I purchased your UltraCool Oil Cooler. It was installed on my 2011 H.D. CVO 100 Screaming Eagle Ultra Glide. It was installed by a technician at my dealer, Treasure Coast H.D. of Sturet FL.

I will say there is no question that it brings the running temperature down. Here in south FL, the last 3 months or so the temperatures averaged between 93-96 degrees with the humidity about the same. As you know the 110's run quite hot. This inherent engine temperature combined with the ambient air temperature makes for a very hot riding motorcycle. the bike generally ran between 270-280 degrees. After the installation of "your" product; the "UltraCool Oil Cooler", as the fans become energized, the temperature comes down to between 210-225 degrees.

The only "caveat" I find, is that when the fans come on, I do get some more hot air blowing on my lower legs and torso (mostly lower part of my body). However there may be an "end tradeoff" while riding at speed for a "total" lower temperature "breeze" on the legs, due to the engine temperature being lowered.

I want to thank you for working with me and sending me a replacement thermostat. This unit seems to function better. I probably will need a little more time for a more complete evaluation. However there is no question that this UltraCool oil cooler does accomplish what it is engineered to do. You run a first class operation.

Dr. Edward N Szerlip


The oil temp has been reduced and I am satisfied with your product's performance. The JIC hose ends to the oil filter plate were a bear to position and get to a non-leaking final tightening. The line/hose fitting tool, although thoughtful to include, spun around the fitting when final pressure was applied. I had to do the final tightening with a Snap-On line socket.

Paul Weber


Even in the extreme heat of the Valley my cooler never lets it get over 230 degrees. Very happy with your product and the installation was very easy. Would strongly suggest this cooler for anybody, especially in hot conditions. Thanks! Steve from Stockton, Calif.

Steve Alberdi


I installed the Reefer by UltraCool on my 200 FLHT with a 124" motor early this summer of 2014. this is my everyday ride, back and forth to work, that's 15 miles of city traffic each way. Longer rides on weekends, and vacations. this bike and i have been across this country several times. On my commute to work and back oil temperature in the oil tank averages right around 215°F. That's after 30 minutes or more of city traffic!!

The highest oil temp I have observed, measured with an HD digital dipstick, since installing the Reefer is 227°F. That was on an 800 mile ride over 2 days in summer temps of 90°F+, average speeds 70 mph and up, stopping for gas only till I got to mydestination. the bike runs noticeably cooler. This motor used to build heat, now I am controlling the heat very well.Steven Miller

Steven Miller


The installation of the Reefer was fairly simple thanks to the very detailed instructions provided. The performance of the unit has been nothing short of outstanding! Before the Reefer installation, my 2007 Dyna Super Glide would get so hot when stuck in bumper to bumper traffic that I could smell the engine searing from the engine heat. That has not been the case so far but the summer is young and I know that the upper 90 degree days are coming soon. I have been in two, five mile traffic backups here in D.C. with the temperature in the mid 80's and my bike's performance never changed during either event. It didn't overheat, start missing or lose power, which were all problems before I install the Reefer. I have attached a couple of pictures of my bike with permission to use them on your website.

Thanks for making such a great product!

Mr. T. Smith, Dumfries, VA


Steve from Stockton, Calif. Even in the extreme heat of the Valley my cooler never lets it get over 230 degrees. Very happy with your product and the installation was very easy. Would strongly suggest this cooler for anybody, especially in hot conditions. You have my picture, its the first one. You took it when you came to Stockton a couple of weeks ago. Just wanted to update what I said Thanks!



This unit was installed on a 2014 HD Street Glide, we know the difference between a well built product and not so great, UltraCool got it right. The install was straight forward, if you have any questions like I did all you have to do is call or drop a Email they bent over backwards to help and answer any (11:00)question. After the install the bike was road tested I kept the RPM's up to see what this unit was going to do over the OEM cooler, when I got back to the shop we took some heat readings. Bottom line is it works. just dam happy. I would also like to say the unit looks great the fit and finish are well done, I hope to install more. Ride hard, Take care


This cooler works great, looks so much better, and it's less expensive than any cooler with these features, but what really impressed me was the customer support, they treat you like a VIP even after the sale.

Reagon Rich


I got the UltraCool Reefer and had a few issues during the install. I called and spoke to Larry and he helped me out, you guys rock in customer service and your product. My oil is now a lot cooler and my bike needed it here in New Mexico. I have recommended your product to everyone I ride with.

Henry Martinez


Bought the Reefer for the Dyna. Seems to work well on my 2011 FXDC. Had to modify the oil filter adapter to clear the aftermarket pipes 'O2 sensor. A friend of mine turned me on to this set-up and suggested that I send you some pics with it installed on my bike. Thanks for the great product!

Happy Client


I love the look and location of the cooler. Installation instructions were very clear. Works perfectly! I wish there was a drain plug when changing the oil, so there would be no residual 'dirty' oil. I'm very happy you made one for my model. '02 Wideglide.



I would not own another Harley unless it had an UltraCool unit installed. My bike runs at least 45 degrees cooler with UtraCool.  I have a 113 inch motor and without UltraCool it was not able to stay running in traffic, but with UltraCool I am good to go.

Ken J.


I had the cooler professionally installed. Temperatures immediately went down from around 230 (F) to 200 to 205 (F). Fans only come on when idling for a while. Great product. I thank you and my engine thanks you.

Randy C.


When I first came across the ultra cool oil coolers my first impression was how much more efficient a fan assisted cooler would be compared to the standard air cooled version. The entire unit is very sleek and sanitary. I ride a hopped up dyna and even though the ultra cool wasn’t available with dyna mounts yet, it didn't deter me. After picking up a cooler and adapting a mount the actual kit installation was a breeze. The instructions were very helpful and the diagrams actually made sense for installation compared to other bolt on accessories. As far as efficiency is concerned the cooler flat out performs. If you push your bike to its limits you understand how important it is to keep your motor operating at optimum temperatures. You can definitely notice a difference. Especially on the hard rides when only stopping for gas and continuing on. A solid purposeful addition.



I work in the cooling industry and understand heat transfer yet I was skeptical, so I called for more information and happened to get the President of Ultra Cool and based on the conversation we had I was convinced to go with the Ultra Cool Oil Cooler over any of the competitors products available on the market today. Once I received the unit I proceeded to do some bench testing, dry fitting and manufacturing of a custom bracket for the unit so I could retain my existing vapor canister in it’s stock position. I needed the bracket because exact fitment for a Dyna was not yet available. Well I got it all installed and road tested and I must say I’m very pleased with the results! No issues with installation, hose fitment or leaks as the instructions were spot on! Everything you need is in the box! BTW I vacationed near the Ultra Cool office and had the opportunity to tour the building and was very impressed by the cleanliness and organized facility they have. The team was very helpful and made this installation a breeze. Thanks Ultra Cool!

Tom M.


It was a pleasure talking to you this afternoon. I will be ordering the unit this afternoon. I look forward to meeting you in Laughlin. Also I’m attaching a pic of my bike. Keep the shiny side up!



Hey there, the unit went in just fine! Absolutely no leaks and the cooling fans came on just as advertised. Really made a big difference here in the Central California Valley. My ride would get hot. I mounted the LED lower on the faring,not having to remove it. My only suggestion would more specific pictures as how to route the hoses and also in step 8 do not attempt to mount the chrome cover.



2008 Road King Trike

I must say thank you to UltraCool for producing such a great product. I have the Reefer FL-1 on my 2008 Harley Davidson Road King/Lehman Trike. I commute in heavy traffic in North Metro Atlanta, covering 21 miles through 30 stoplights. Running with an AFR of 13.8 and the UltraCool Reefer, oil temps peak out around 230 degrees in the worst of conditions of summer, bumper to bumper traffic on a 90 degree humid day. Typically, in normal driving, oil temps stay between 210 and 220 degrees. Without this configuration, I was easily getting oil temps above 250 degrees, sometimes as much as 270-280 degrees. The Reefer is a very high quality product end-to-end. Customer service is top of the line. I have personally communicated with Alex and Rob.They have been helpful to answer questions and receive my feedback on product performance. Great product. Great Company. Great People. Keep it going!



I am writing you people to say how much I appreciate the product that I had recently bought from you’all.

Thank you so much for working with me on my ultracool and getting me the one that I needed for my 110 in. motor. Saying that I am pleased is the least that I can say, I recently rode down to Panama City and I wanted to see what differance your product would have on my Harley..I rode down and once I got there I kinda forgot I had it on and after some stop and go’s through town I couldnt figure where some of the heat was coming off of my motor, I actually shut off my engine thinking something was wrong… (all right not always the brightest penny in the jar) Then I heard the fans running and looked at my LED and then it hit me, this was the first time that it had worked, its been winter time here..It was amazing the heat that my ultracool was drawing off my motor and from my oil. My time through stop and go traffic was so much more differant than usual, no pinging, no sluggish take offs and even in top end riding I had my cold weather power back.

I really wish I had found your product years ago… but damn glad I have it now and am looking forward to summer riding here in Georgia.

Again thank you people for all of your help and for an awsome product, your ultracool was the topic of our conversations at our clubhouse and at night at the liquid refreshment stop overs… I am now a firm believer and will spread the word to whomever I come in contact.



The oil cooling system works and looks great. Installation was easy. Here are some pictures I took for you.

Rick S.


I just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate the excellent customer service, fast shipping and quality of the Reefer oil cooler. I installed it myself and it works great!

Todd K.


Wow, What a Great Product. I just finished ithe install and what a difference. The directions were by far the best I have ever followed for an aftermarket install. After looking over everything in the box i decided to do the install my self instead of paying a Harley Dealer the $280.00 they wanted to do the install. The only thing different that I did was go to radio shack and get an orange led to replace the green, not because it was bad but the green just didnt look good with my color matched Root Beer color inner faring.

Don A.


The Ultracool is the best addition I have made to my bike,in a word it’s AWESOME!



Installed on my 2003 Road King—– EXCELLENT Oil 50 degrees cooler than with the stock HD cooler!



Got my Reefer today, looks better in person. Cant wait to install this piece of jewelry. Ill be sure to pass out business cards to inquiring minds.



Instructions were great, made install a breeze. I didn't want to drill my dash so… I removed the nut and washer from the led, put about 8 in. of shrink tubing on and fed it thru with my throttle cables. It’s been so cold I haven’t done a proper road test. Thanks Again for your assistance!

David S.


Hey Rob, I just finished the install and I’m pretty impressed. I’m sorry I was doubting your product in a previously sent message. I spoke to Larry… your technician I think that’s his name? and discussed a few improvements he is already aware of, that could be designed for future plans. The install was fairly easy and the cooler looks and works great.



I recently purchased an UltraCool model RF-1 Oil Cooler for my 2002 FLHTC Harley Davidson. The installation is relatively simple for someone with a little mechanical knowledge, BUT you need to follow the instructions step by step. I very much like the fans to keep the oil cooler in traffic this is especially important for me with a 103ci. When I install an oil temp gauge I will let you know what the temperature difference is.



Bracket came in mail today, great product excellent service. thank you so very much!



Thanks so much for the quick reply, you folks provide great service!!



I have a 2010 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Classic. Living in Phoenix, Arizona I ride year round but I am always concerned about my oil temperature as the ambient temp is over 100° at least 6 months out of the year. I started to purchase the HD finned oil cooler but after doing some research, I found the UltraCool Oil Cooler. It just makes more sense having an oil cooler with dual fans.

The instructions were very easy to follow and it took a little over an hour to install. I especially like the chrome case. When my oil reaches around 215°, the fans kick on and illuminates the green LED on my dash. Since installing the UltraCool Oil Cooler, my bike has not gone into “parade” mode at stoplights so I know it is doing a good job cooling my oil. I can guarantee you it will extend the life of my engine. I definitely would recommend the UltraCool Oil Cooler.



Rick, I just upgraded my 2002 FLHR from your old Ultra Cooler which had just one fan, a different cooler and look to your new RF-1 Reefer with the dual fans, a better cooler and your nice chrome cover.

Wow, what a difference,( in a few different ways), the installation was a lot easier,(even for me), but you do need to follow the instructions. I had no problem installing the brackets and wiring, oil filter adaptor, running the nice braided lines (thanks!!!) and mounting the cooler itself. The braided lines with your new fittings were a cinch to install, free of kinks, and with your new design I had more room for a better fit and look. After it was installed I took it for a spin and then double checked everything for tightness. The cooler performed great, when the temp got high enough,(it was a hot day), the fans went to work and maintained a decent temperature not letting it get too hot.

It’s a great peace of mind knowing I can sit in traffic or go on long runs in the heat of the day and it’s running cooler. The RF-1 is bang for your buck, it prolongs engine life and should be on your list when bullet proofing your ride. Thanks again for a great product, a few years ago, I started with one of your first coolers and now am enjoying your new generation. You must be doing something right!



Thank you Stacy, recived my ultracool yesterday, great service!!!



Hello everybody at UltraCool, just wanted to thank you on your wonderful service and product. I have a 2005 RoadKing with a 124 inch motor that was building alot of heat, but I put your new reefer oil cooler on it and WOW what a difference… keeps that big motor running much cooler! The best add-on part I could have put on! These motors are expensive and having your oil cooler on it will make it last much longer. Highly recommend! Way better than that other BIG name oil cooler..
Kudos to Suburban Harley for recommending this product to me.

Daniel J.


I have a 2008 Harley Davidson Ultra. It has been bored to a 107 cu with 110 hp and 116 torque. Before I installed the Reefer I was seeing oil temps of up to 280°F with a oil cooler from HD. After the installation the highest temp I have seen is about 240°F. while in heavy traffic. This a great design and is easy to install. Their customer service is outstanding. I would recommend this product to anyone who is having any sort of overheating problems. I would like to say thanks to Stacey and all the other good people at Ultracool.


I just traveled from Louisiana to Arkansas. I installed the refer you sent me and it worked GREAT. The temperature in Arkansas was around 105 degrees. The bike rally had a parade while I was there. My '09 road king did not overheat once. It ran around 230 degrees.There were other '09 bikes there and they were shutting of their bike to keep them cool. I asked some riders if I could get the temperature of their oil and it varied from around 270-280. No problem with the Ultra Cool Refer. I recommend this cooler to everyone that shut their bikes off, so you should be getting some calls. Not only is this a great cooler the service I received from your support staff was incredible. They took there time and answered every question I had with a smile. I can’t say enough about this cooler other than it is worth every penny and GREAT.



You have the best customer service I have ever experienced.



Thank you for your fast response for the oil cooler. This unit works beyond your claims and am very pleased with it. One thing that i would recommend is that the braided hoses could be 2 to 3 inches longer for easier installation. I will recommend your product to all other riders. Again thank you for your help.

Hans P.