If you’re already making plans to go on exhilarating motorcycle rides in the summer, you better set aside Labor Day weekend for something really special.

In the calendar of Harley Davidson Events – Labor Day Weekend is dedicated to hardcore fans.

Therefore, if you consider yourself one, set your sights on the Milwaukee Rally & Custom Bike Show. It’s going to be the grandest shindig of the year for Harley Davidson riders.

Organizers of the event say the annual Custom Bike Show is always highly anticipated. Those who are looking to find design inspirations will delight in the outstanding creativity of custom culture artisans. If you’re thinking of upgrading the look of your ride, for sure, you’ll emerge from the event with all sorts of ideas to “mack out” your Harley.
Not only that, if you’ve been awaiting the 2017 Harley Davidson motorcycles, you’ll be among the first to see them. Included among the Harley Davidson events for Labor Day weekend is the presentation of the latest product trailer, which is believed to be a well-produced piece that highlights all the innovative features of the newest bikes from the manufacturer.

Another treat to look forward to is the special summer exhibit, “Drag Racing: America’s Fast Time,” which is actually going to close on September 4, the last day of the event series. You’ll see all the work that goes into preparing for the “road battle” and how this “sport” came about and rose to become an important element in pop culture.

The fun doesn’t stop with these, though — there’ll also be all kinds of live entertainment (Hairball will be performing!), great eats, and of course, drinks!

The Milwaukee Rally will officially commence on September 1st, Thursday. This means if you’re coming from a different state, you need to start planning your road trip as early as now, especially if you intend to be present throughout the four-day event. Also, schedule a tune-up for your bike if you’re going to get to Milwaukee in the traditional fashion. You’ll be covering a lot of miles if you’re not from the state. Perhaps, you may also want to get in touch with your riding kin and see if they’ll be making the same road trip. After all, it’s always more fun to be with people you like and who also share your passion.

So, gear up and get ready to have a blast with your fellow Harley Davidson fans because Labor Day weekend in Milwaukee is intended to rekindle the joy and brotherhood of Harley Davidson riders.

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