We know we have an outstanding product, but it’s always a delightful boon to us to have our belief confirmed by our customers. This is why we so enjoy reading UltraCool Harley Oil Cooler reviews. We are always gratified to learn that our product has a hand in Harley motorcycles delivering an awesome riding experience.

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  • Our product delivers on its promise. Definitely no false or exaggerated advertising from us. Our customers often detail the difference our oil cooler brings to their riding experience. They talk about riding in scorching weather or using their bike in a warm climate year round. Some of them live in the desert where the heat is arid or along the southern coasts where the heat is humid. Wherever they may be, our oil cooler makes sure that they thoroughly enjoy their ride without worrying about the engine overheating or their rear ends getting toasted.
  • We provide detailed instructions. So many of our customers rave about how easy to install our air cooler is; that’s partly on account of those easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Our customer service is exemplary. This is a sentiment shared by many of our customers with some of them even providing in great detail a recount of their experience dealing with our staff. The quality of the service remains first-rate even after the sale. Also related to this point is the speed of delivery. The customers have also conveyed their satisfaction in how fast their order gets to them.
  • Our product inspires loyalty. Many customers have assured us of their continued patronage. Long-time customers averred that they liked their first unit so much that they’ve bought another one or two for their other bikes. And, of course, there are those who said they intend to purchase again for their next bikes.
  • Our product has gained their confidence. The customers trust the product so much that they are eager to recommend it to others who ride air-cooled motorcycles. One even went so far as to say that Harley-Davidson should consider having UltraCool installed in all the bikes they make.

We do love visiting our reviews page. There’s a sense of community present as our customers happily share their experience with UltraCool and their passion for their bikes, often with pictures included.

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