There’s more to riding a Harley-Davidson, Yamaha or Gold Wing than simply wearing sunglasses, a helmet, leather boots and jacket. Aside from making sure that you dress the part, you also need to pay attention to riding safely and ensuring the good condition of your motorcycle on and off the road. Once you have all your safety and protection gears pat down, it’s time to think about the other essential motorcycle accessories you should have.

The top three motorcycle accessories are:

  1. A motorcycle radio.

This is a must-have for motorcycle accessories, any biker who frequently goes on motorcycle group rides. When you are on these trips, you will have to communicate regularly with the other bikers. Using a hands-free gadget when communicating with other riders is the best way to go when you are on a motorcycle group ride. You can talk to the other bikers while keeping your hands on both handlebars. Aside from being convenient, it promotes safety as well.

Most helmets are designed to accommodate these devices. You simply run the wiring under the flaps on the inside of the helmet and put the mouthpiece microphone close to your mouth so when you speak, you can be clearly heard. Most motorcycle radios are voice activated as well and will pick up your voice when you speak. You won’t need to push a button like a walkie-talkie to talk to your fellow bikers.

  1. Motorcycle driving lights.

These types of driving lights are very bright and add an extra wide lighted expanse for you to see and be seen. With a brightly lit area, you can be more confident about your safety. You will be able to see animals that may be lurking on the side of the road and pedestrians that you have to avoid. With motorcycle driving lights, you will also be seen at a further distance from oncoming vehicles.

As a tip, get motorcycle driving lights that are water resistant so that they last longer and can be turned on even if you are under a heavy downpour.

  1. A motorcycle cover.

the last, and most over looked motorcycle accessories are motorcycle covers, covers are one of the best investments you can make to keep your bike looking new. If you regularly park your bike out in the open, a cover will ensure that it stays clean and shiny. Bear in mind that when it is exposed to the weather, the sun has a tendency to take its toll on leather, paint, tires and other key motorcycle parts. As such, a motorcycle cover is really necessary. Even if you keep your bike in a shed or garage, the cover can prevent dust from settling on it. It will also help keep small animals from shedding or sleeping on the seat.

When shopping, select a good quality waterproof motorcycle cover. This is to make sure that the cover you get will effectively repel water, dew, snow, fog and the sun’s harsh rays for a long time.