Using oil as a coolant – that’s something that only makes sense for the mechanically minded. Isn’t oil usually associated with heating things up, like in cooking? But that’s what makes an oil cooling system a really nifty concept. It turns something flammable and combustible as a cooling agent that removes surplus heat from the internal combustion engine. With the assistance of a motorcycle oil cooler, a radiator that functions as a heat-exchanger, the oil is able to retrieve heat from the hot engine, become cooler, and then flow back to the engine to cool it in a continuous manner.

When it comes to the different oil coolers on the market, bikers are looking for certain qualities that would make the system work exceptionally well for their motorcycles, especially if they’re using a Harley. As far as Harley oil coolers are concerned, there is one option that is perfect for a wide range of makes and models: the Reefer by UltraCool for Harley.

What makes the Reefer ideal in more ways than one? Here are some of the desirable components that make it stand out:

• It is fan-assisted, so it works whether the motorcycle is moving or stuck in traffic.
• It is easy and quick to install, taking one to two hours maximum.
• It is able to maintain oil at optimum temperature.
• It is high quality, designed for extreme durability so that it lasts for a long, long time.
• It looks perfect for the machine, as though it accompanied the motorcycle from the factory.

reefer oil cooler kitA Reefer kit comes complete and ready to install with the following items:

• Chrome/powder coat cover
• Dual fans
• Oil adapter
• Braided oil lines
• 17 row cooler
• LED light

The UltraCool Reefer is said to be the perfect balance of performance and power. It involves advanced engineering that takes cooling systems to whole new levels and adapts to the way you ride. Upon activation of the ignition, hot oil from the motorcycle engine passes through the Reefer’s adapter, into the filter, and past the thermal switch, which activates the fans when the oil temperature reaches 200 degrees. After this, the oil passes through the 17 row cooler and then back to your engine.

Thanks to UltraCool’s diligent R&D team and its constant testing process, the company has come up with a cooling solution that eliminates the problem of damaged engines on account of overheated engine oil. Based on raves from fans, the Reefer is a true winner.