Prep for winter with our Top 9 Harley-Davidson Winter Storage tips. Although it is possible to mitigate some of the risks associated with motorcycle riding during the winter or even boost your comfort during a cool season ride, many Harley-Davidson owners prefer to swap their bikes for their cars until the temperature becomes more conducive for motorcycle riding.

Here’s how you can properly winterize your motorcycle, ensuring that it is stored correctly and ready for spring.

Harley-Davidson winter storage will require you to address a few key points.

“How you store your motorcycle over the winter will depend on its type. But no matter what type of bike you own, your main concern would be moisture.”

1. Clean your bike

It may seem counter-intuitive considering the fact that nobody will see your bike for months. However, giving your ride a thorough cleaning before storage helps prevent the corrosion of its finish due to water spots and debris.

Wash your bike and allow it to dry completely. You can use an electric leaf blower especially in hard-to-reach areas. Once dry, apply a coat of wax which will act as an added layer of protection against rust and moisture.

Spray WD-40 on all exposed metal parts.

2. Give your bike fresh oil and filter

Replacing the oil of your motorcycle eliminates the need to change oil and allows you to start it with greater ease come riding season. Experts recommend using an oil with winter weight.

If you are going to store your bike for a full season or longer, you will also need to apply a thin coat of oil on the engine to protect it against moisture. Otherwise, moisture can cause the formation of rust in the pistons and cylinder walls.

3. Pay attention to moving parts

Another way to protect your ride from moisture is to lube all moving parts. This helps protect against binding as well as rusting.

4. Fill up the gas tank

Gas tanks can rust when bikes are not used for a long time. Additionally, the gas left in the tank can turn gummy. In order to prevent this, fill up the tank with fuel added with a stabilizer. Filling up the fuel tank leaves no room for extra moisture.


UltraCool offers our Top 9 Harley Winter Storage Tips

5. Use a smart tender for the battery

Some experts recommend unhooking the battery. However, you can use a battery tender which monitors the charge of the battery and keeps it topped off while preventing overcharging. Before installing a battery tender, make sure that you clean the electrodes and apply a thin coat of grease.

6. Keep the tires off the ground

Leaving the tires in the same position for an extended period of time can lead to flat spots. You can prevent this by investing in motorcycle stands. Alternatively, you can simply roll the tires every few weeks. If you opt for the latter, make sure that you put plywood or carpet underneath the tires to prevent moisture from seeping into the tires.

7. Put enough anti-freeze in your bike’s coolant system

If you live in an area where the temperature gets really cold, consider adding anti-freeze to your bike’s coolant system. This will prevent a cracked head.

8. Keep pests at bay

Small animals seeking shelter from the cold can wind up inside your bike air filters and exhaust pipes. Prevent that by plugging the exhaust pipe using a muffler plug or even plastic bags.

9. Cover your bike

A motorcycle cover protects your bike against dust and moisture. If you are going to store your bike outdoors, make sure that the cover is secured properly to prevent it from getting blown off. You can buy our Reefer Cold Weather Cover by clicking here or our Softail Cold Weather Cover by clicking here.

So prepare your bike with these Harley-Davidson Winter Storage Tips and make sure your bike is ready to go in spring with a new oil cooler to save your bike from overheating!