Arlen Ness Reusable Oil Filter- Deep Cut Style with Chrome Finish


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  • Chief, Chieftain (14-23)
  • Scout (15-23)
  • Roadmaster (15-23)
  • Springfield (17-23)
  • FTR1200 (19-23)
  • Challenger (20-23)
  • Pursuit (22-23)

Victory Street

Cruiser  99-05 Hammer  05-17
Kingpin  04-12 Touring Cruiser 02-07
Vegas 03-17 Magnum 15-17
Cross Roads/Cross Country 10-17 Vision  08-17
Jackpot 06-15 Hard-Ball  2013
Boardwalk 13-15 Gunner  15-17
Judge  13-17 Highball 11-17

Our parent company PC Racing produced these Arlen Ness designed oil filters which not only look cool but will actually cool your oil about 10 degrees.  These filters combine clean sculpted billet styling with high tech filter technology used in Formula 1, NASCAR, and the aerospace industry. Oil filter element is made from laser cut 304 Stainless Steel medical grade micronic cloth, where as most traditional paper filters can flow so poorly, that they often cause the bypass valve to open and allow unfiltered oil into your engine.

  • 3/8 inch hex head makes for easy installation and removal
  • Catches items down to 35 microns, which is about three times better than most premium traditional oil filters.
  • Filters maintain consistent flow under all conditions including extreme heat, presence of water, and cold start-ups.
  • Simple filter cleaning and service.
  • Deep Cut styling with chrome finish

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