I am writing you people to say how much I appreciate the product that I had recently bought from you’all.

Thank you so much for working with me on my ultracool and getting me the one that I needed for my 110 in. motor. Saying that I am pleased is the least that I can say, I recently rode down to Panama City and I wanted to see what differance your product would have on my Harley..I rode down and once I got there I kinda forgot I had it on and after some stop and go’s through town I couldnt figure where some of the heat was coming off of my motor, I actually shut off my engine thinking something was wrong… (all right not always the brightest penny in the jar) Then I heard the fans running and looked at my LED and then it hit me, this was the first time that it had worked, its been winter time here..It was amazing the heat that my ultracool was drawing off my motor and from my oil. My time through stop and go traffic was so much more differant than usual, no pinging, no sluggish take offs and even in top end riding I had my cold weather power back.

I really wish I had found your product years ago… but damn glad I have it now and am looking forward to summer riding here in Georgia.

Again thank you people for all of your help and for an awsome product, your ultracool was the topic of our conversations at our clubhouse and at night at the liquid refreshment stop overs… I am now a firm believer and will spread the word to whomever I come in contact.