Testing The 6-Row Oil Cooler

You really can't tell how good your product is until you test it.

The most common cooler you will see on a V-Twin Motorcycle is a standard 6-row oil tube and fin oil cooler. As the oil passes through the tubes, the heat is passes out to the fins and then dispersed by the air passing by.

One point to look at is the weave on the fins. They’re so tight that not much air can pass through for optimal performance. Most of the cooling people notice is from the air passing over the engine as they ride down the road, not their oil cooler.

6-row oil cooler test

Larry and Rob at UltraCool decided to test one of these coolers out. They bought a tuner for the head temps, a oil temp gauge in the dash, and the a temp probe in the oil pan. This 6-row cooler will be tested on a 2011 Steetglide that is showroom stock.

Larry installed the 6-row oil cooler on the Steetglide and took it for a road test. It’s ready to go!

The first test Larry took the bike for a ride up to Morgan Hill, CA, stopping periodically to record some oil temps. Road back down through Gilroy, CA and down through San Juan Bautista, CA and back to the office in Hollister, CA.

Here is a list of the temperatures recorded with the 6-row oil cooler. As you can see the more he rode the bike, the hotter it got. Larry stopped to record oil temps at various places throughout the ride with the tuner keeping a nice log feature as well.

As soon as Larry hit the highway the oil temp would start to drop but as soon as he rode into the city, the oil and head temps increased.

For bikers with this type of oil cooling system installed on their bike, I recommend investing in an oil gauge first. If you see any temperature over 250 you need to buy a fan assisted oil cooler. Your engine will thank you for many years to come.


City Ride Temp Test Results

Head Temp

Oil Temp

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